She was then approached by Boruto. Karin and Sarada acted as diversions to draw out the assailants while their allies infiltrated the enemy base. Sarada offered to take it in his place, in order for her to have a reason to chase after Naruto. She sacrificed a lot in naruto story..sarada is their daughter period. When the stadium was attacked by Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Sarada began helping spectators evacuate. So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact. Two, NaruHina is only a thing because they love each other. Sarada has the right to know the truth about who her mother is. (4) The worse possible theory its a dream created by Orochimaru (can you say Dallas Bobby yuing) and the series is all fake. She grew even more annoyed when the Tomaru showed no respect to Chōchō in her real form. He counselled her not to focus on all targets at once, and instead focus on the general area of the attacks. Main article: Time Slip Arc Moreover, Sarada eventually sees the emotionless shinobi exterior lifted in his brief moments of kindness to Sakura and herself. Honestly, it could also be some kind of troll from Kishimoto himself, it could be something that he’s trying to accomplish and trying to throw everyone off on Sakura not being the mother of Sarada. You really think he would have it? It was her father Sasuke,why? Open your eyes wider people. The only depressing thing about Sakura was that she was barely bullied before saved by Ino and that hasn’t even tainted her, its like being bullied hasn’t effected her life if anything she became a bully to Naruto and an obsessive fangirl to Sasuke (she basically foliowed Ino steps and challenged her on who will get him; such a backstabber), who really just needed someone to understand him and leave him alone so he can figure out what to do in life. Sarada went home and asked Sakura about Sasuke, she got angry and literally destroyed the house. Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. When this conversation went on for too long, Sakura poked Sarada's forehead and promised to continue it some other time. End of story. I love how everyone bags on sakura when karin is the most obsessive crazy annoying slut in the whole manga who throws herself at sasuke (sexually that is) and never once confessed her feelings towards sasuke like sakura even hinata did she actually when asked would deny her feelings which is why i hate the bitch she’s indecisive af . Upon catching up to Hiruga's older brother, Asaka, it took some convincing that Hiruga was truly him and that there was a new threat. Yes, they started off annoying. Ōnoki ultimately destroyed KÅ«. Sarada explained to her parents how during their battle against Boro, it was only thanks to a strange new evolution of Boruto's Kāma that they were able to defeat him. SS who call Karin a lesbian do it out of malice, they are homophobes who think lesbians are women who can’t get a man, or otherwise “failed” women. So after a long, depressing hour after reading chapter 7, I still conclude that Sakura is the mother. After Naruto and Sasuke recovered from their own injuries, Sasuke questioned his daughter about the events. If you travel back at the first pages you can hear what shin talks about his son and his dna in a simple way of living a part of you when you pass a simple way yet heartless. 4 "Why Do You Always Treat Me Like Such A Pest?" The picture of Sasuke and Karin seems to be taken when he’s a part of Taka that was a very long ago considering he had no rinnegan in the picture(if you have a rinnegan, its impossible for your eyes to return back to normal, tell me if I’m wrong.) Also even though the machine in the latest chapter said it was a match dosen’t mean Karin is the mom because we don’t even know if that was karin’s DNA she could have token sasuke DNA orochimaru was obsessed with sasuke and could have made karin use his DNA for experiments or she just had it cause she was that obsessed with him so there are a lot theories of who’s saradas mom in facts or probability wise yeah Karin could mom but so could Sakura but in my opinion I think he’s trolling us and just wants to put drama in this. this is my theory because i refuse to believe they sasuke would actually have karins baby and take her away and give her to sakura? Having departed back to Konoha, Sarada helped Boruto walk, during which the group discovered destroyed puppets in the vicinity of an unconscious boy. Regrouping with Boruto in the lab, Sarada learned that Mitsuki was one of many clones. I swear on my life. It isn’t a look that asks what she’s up to, but it’s a curious one. According to Chōchō, she is also known for having a very dark side to her when confronting problems. Her mouth pulls into a tight line as she studies Sarada over the top of her glasses. And all those glasses obsessed Sarada is Karin’s daughter, choke on your spit and die or read Naruto manga from the very beginning, that might help. So what are your thoughts on this? © Daily Anime Art, 2017. Only recently I read an article based from Akihabara where they were protesting against racism, Otaku’s were protesting against racism. Sarada and Boruto decided to investigate. Refusing at first, Sarada finally convinced him. After the foreigners and Mitsuki departed, the Ino-Shika-Chō trio returned to help Boruto. I don’t understand why he would bring the topic up in the manga and then answer it himself before manga progresses, The whole point of her being karin dAughter is so she cN have both uzumaki and uchiha blood in here as bolt has uzumaki and hyugga blood in him they needed to make someone as powerful as bolt will become dont over think guys. Arriving at the Sannin's residence, Sarada discovered that the two shinobi in her photo resided there. It’d be better to change … [3] As a way to keep a connection with Sasuke, despite being happy for him, Karin kept Sarada's umbilical cord. Changing tactics, Mugino restrained the demon, letting it absorb his chakra long enough for his team to destroy it. But if in any case Karin is the real mom, then I guess I need to drop the whole gaiden series. But come on at least give her a bone and tell her that you’re fine or something after being gone her entire life. She forced Sarada into a sparing match with her, quickly overwhelming Sarada. It shows that Sakura is an angel. During their ordeal, Sasuke's summoning snake Aoda came to Sarada's aid, and after Boruto entered a summoning contract with Garada and presented him to the sage, she showed Mitsuki's snake's memories to the group, which revealed he wasn't a traitor and that he was heading to the Land of Earth. After returning to home, Sarada was hugged by an angry and relieved Sakura. However, Tsukiyo saw through her ruse and asked why she was pretending to be a reporter. You know what, I totally agree with you, there’s a ton of issues about male/females in Japan, and you’re correct in saying that equality isn’t a thing yet. Sarada's team facing the villagers of Curtain Village. Boruto Naruto Next Generations - Duration: 11:19. Proving that Karin is in fact NOT the mother of Sarada. Inojin arrived and subdued Boruto, as he was under Kirara's genjutsu. Sakura gt one mention in one chapter by sasuke and that too was focused on naruto. after few weeks, sasuke sent sakura and sarada to konoha then, he urgely back to unsettled mission. As they were quickly pressured by it, Boruto summoned Garaga, who learning of Mitsuki true loyalty to Boruto decided help him. She never tried to KNOW sasuke and his need for revenge. Wanting to find answers, Shikadai convinced his team-mates to help Boruto and Sarada. In Orochimaru's hideout, Karin revealed that the umbilical cord belonged to Sakura and Sarada. She also has Karins glasses. Now we know that Karin and Sasuke were friends, they worked together ever since they were with Orochimaru. However, they were quickly attacked by new enemies. After escaping, the group of students tracked Sumire to the Academy roof, during which Sarada blocked Magire's kunai attack on Chōchō. This is just a theory. While Sarada feared that her father really didn't know her, Boruto countered that Sarada didn't know much about him either. she was just in the same image. Maybe even suggest to clean his place for him, waiting for his return back home or something. That poor child. i feel like the DNA test just means that karins genes are in sarada. Ultimately, it was decided to bring Kawaki back to the village to see the Seventh Hokage. Her temporary strain with Sakura occurs as a result of her attempt to cope with Sasuke's absence in her life; when she can no longer endure not having her father around, as her mother could tell her almost nothing about him. And no, we dont compare Karin to anyone’s normal coz she IS Orochimaru’s subordinates. But sadly..sarade didnt met sasuke yet because he was travelling for a long time. Recognising him, Sarada questioned him until one of the sick villagers when on a rampage. Unless he didn’t even know he had a daughter or knew that she was being taken care of by someone he trusted. After the training, Sarada questioned her teammates and Kawaki if there was any connection between Kāma and the mark on Sakura's forehead. Yo pienso que si es hija de karin así kashimoto diga lo contrario después de todo Sarada tiene similitud a Karin Sarada is Sakura’s daughter. As the battle escalated a massive column was knocked over towards Ōnoki. In the anime, Sarada seems to attempt to portray as "normal" and wanting to maintain a certain extent of normality as shown with her refusal of riding on top of a train or attempting to not sprint over buildings. [10] Anger aside, she displays a normal range of emotions, from laughing to crying to blushing in appropriate situations, contrasting with Sasuke's typical stoic reaction to every circumstance. Sarada tried to battle back Kirara's genjutsu with her Sharingan, but she was still just as quickly subdued as Boruto by her power. asked Karin. While Naruto and Sasuke fought the clones, Sarada attacked the creature that the original Shin was in the process of using to escape before he died. Follow Daily Anime Art to receive notifications of new posts by email. Alone! Sarada chastised Boruto on the recklessness of his plan to snap JÅ«go out of his rampage, but he retorted the plan worked. Main article: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Konohamaru intervened, and Sarada attempted to help with explosive tag kunai, but JÅ«go just shrugged it off, requiring Mitsuki to pull her out of the way of his attack. Sarada has a fair complexion, and inherited the onyx hair and eyes of the Uchiha from her father. Karin held Sarada high in the air and turned to make her face the others, "Is she turning pale?" I think there is definitely something wrong here and its possible that it could have been some complication at birth. Along the way, Mitsuki became ill and his body was taking on the same properties as Anato. All art is the creative property of their respective artists. However, as her chakra quickly drained from using her dōjutsu, Sasami managed to land a powerful blow on her. Main article: Ao Arc Sarada defending herself against autonomous puppets. She was just put there for comedic relief, I really wonder why people are paying too much attention on just some character like her. She also started to get nervous when sarada asked her if sasuke wore glasses. She also wears a red skirt and black open-toed boots. Or maybe Sasuke and Karin really did have sex. Ultimately, Sarada found a time limit in the foes attacks and used it to counter. The two kunoichi found Boruto battling Kakō, whose immense physical prowess and Dust Release was overwhelming Boruto. Sarada has adopted that “cha” thing and she dresses similar to Sakura because she was raised by her. Then she replies with..”Thats impossible! As she and Chōchō hurried to catch up with Naruto, they were confronted by a boy with Sharingan named Shin Uchiha. As they began to examine him, Kawaki, they discovered that he had a matching seal to Boruto's on his palm. She was also given a skill rating in these particular areas: Unarmed Hand-to-hand Fighting: ★★★☆☆, Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Sarada show that she was 125cm at the time of Naruto's. Yes, Sakura is smart (shika’s smarter), yeah she’s stronger than Tsunade but anyone that would’ve been trained by her would have excel Tsunade’s current level (I know hinata would have excelled in this field with her eyes she could’ve perform major surgeries and saved thousands of lives, hinata’s charka control excels sakura’s any day), and yes sakura has great charka control but anyone can be trained to focus charka in their fist and destroy things but as a medical ninja shouldn’t you like save your charka and only use it when necessary since lives are on the line? When Mitsuki joined her class, many girls found him very handsome, though Sarada sighed in distaste at them for judging someone purely on looks. She doesn't mind saying what she's thinking, whether it's a question she wants the answer to, an opinion she holds firmly, or a frustration she can't let go of. During the ordeal, Sumire Kakei captured the flag, though the girls chose to make peace with the boys. Main articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc. Naruto presented Team 7 their first mission which involved aiding Green Banks against bandits. Sarada found a journal of his dealings and presented it to Mujō. While Karin treated Sumire, she voiced her joy at seeing Sarada again, saying that she has come to view her as family. That’s Karin and Sasuke Kids #Facts, if what u said is true, why is the whole story even have Sakura this character??? Maybe adding Karin is the “best” way to make Naruto Gaiden more dramatic. She was hurt and felt like the only way possible for her to get her answers was to find people that would help her out. After meeting him with the help of Naruto Uzumaki, Sarada comes to believe that she is defined by the connections she has with others, and as a member of Team Konohamaru, she seeks to someday become Hokage so that she can connect with as many people as possible. Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! In the anime, Sarada attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Fourth Shinobi World War. While JÅ«go defeated Tosaka and later fought Nue and Boruto, Karin considered the possibility of having to kill the birds to prevent the cursed seal from spreading. He always want a perfect body….. Denki however remained determined to improve the technology. Labyrinth Sylph Defeated! Nearing Ridge Tower, Sarada excused herself to the bathroom, when she instead ran towards the rendezvous point, during which she awakened her Sharingan at the thought of meeting Sasuke. ShikaTema is still my most favorite. He is not the one to give fals hope to someone no matter how heartless and cold he can be has far to mutch pride and honor then to cheat and get an other girl pregnant just on a fling. Later, Sarada found Tsurushi Hachiya injured, leading to her treating his injuries and being informed of Boruto was in danger. Sasuke was not hers as she claims. Also, knowing they would require a great deal of water to counter the seal on Kokuri, Team 7 sabotaged the water line, knowing it would force the guards to use a backup line that they could gather water from. Afterwards, the team devised a plan to combat Ao. It was taken 2 months before their birth. How daren kishi do this to me ??? It’s a possibility that, just like Uchiha Shin, she was created from Uchiha clan’s and Uzumaki clan’s DNAs… After all, they’ve got the DNA samples they needed there…. At the castle, Sarada and Mugino waited outside as a barrier around it prevented infiltration. Its obvious Karin is the mother. (2) Karin is so crazy over Sasuke maybe she took his DNA or other sample while he was unconscious and got her self prego and had the kid where Sasuke came across her in a remote area while Karen was away. Sakura was always loyal to Sasuke, but now Kishimoto goes as far as having him “cheat” on her by getting Karin pregnant, after he promises he’d come back for Sakura. Soon after, Sai and a group of Konoha-nin appeared, having been mobilised by Naruto after losing contact with Mujō for so long. Naruto decided it would be safer for them to accompany him rather than return to the village without an escort. Don’t believe me ? Karin could have been a match with Sakura’s DNA as well. The only way I can even remotely entertain the idea of Sarada being Karin’s daughter is if for what ever reason Karin had troubles during the birth and Sakura was the one who delivers Sarada and then Karin dies (weather it’d be from simple child brith or something else) and then Sasuke was all like “well I still have to spook off for the next 12 years so take care of my child alright Sakura? Refusing to return to Konoha, they engaged the team in battle. She didn't think Sarada could do it, but she took the responsibility onto herself, as she was part of the team assigned to the mission. there’s 2 theories: 2 Sarada was Karin that by some mistake or jutsu Karin turned back as a baby and then Sakura took her as a daughter. I’m totally ditching this anime for real! Inside, the shinobi met the sage, who tasked them with presenting her Garaga's reverse scale in order to unravel the secrets of Mitsuki's snake. Upon arriving, the group was attacked by strange-looking birds. While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to turn his rage on the kids. Preparing to follow him, Chōchō tagged along, and they noticed Boruto arriving late to deliver a lunch to his father. So when people talk about this, I went to read Naruto Gaiden simply coz I was curious. Staying beside an unconscious Boruto in the hospital, she informed him when he woke that Naruto was captured, leading to Boruto and Sasuke leaving with the four Kage to rescue him. When she finally started asking around, they all gave her the same face which made her angry enough to doubt them further but once she got the truth (again this truth is just a comparison of DNA, we don’t know for sure what the other sample is I read that it was the cord of when Karin was pregnant on Naruto Wiki) she exploded. After being informed that some protesters were being controlled by genjutsu, Sarada released the technique from a villager before Naruto addressed the crowds and quelled the situation. I personally think that both Sarada and Karin are linked, by this I mean that I think that Karin could be the mother of Sarada. So Sarada is Sasuke’s and Sakura’s daughter. Sarada is the only child and daughter of Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakurawhile being born on the day of March 31st. [24] Like many Uchiha, Sarada has an affinity for ninja tools and her speciality is shurikenjutsu, gaining the highest marks in class. In the anime, Sarada volunteered Boruto to be their class' trip leader for their upcoming trip to the Land of Water. On their way there, their path was blocked by Team 10. Deciding that Ōnoki was too sentimental to see the bigger picture, KÅ« usurped the Third Tsuchikage. Can this really be a factor?? As you said about Karin’s chakra, I don’t quite know how that would relate to it. They observed JÅ«go struggling to control his transformation after curing more birds. Not to mention i see nothing of sakura’s at all, yes the uchiha genes are strong but the fact that she looks like karin cannot be ignored. he never wore it as a kid-I mean he doesnt wear it now”. So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact. Yeah I am hopeful Karin is not the mother, it really doesn’t make sense… Perhaps this is all just Kishimoto’s way of stirring up the fandom and keeping us interested? Sarada’s real mother!!!!! It has to be constant exposure to the charka (I’m meaning years and years of it) to influence a child that it has to be around the child while their developing. It’s not that I or even we hate we, it’s that Sakura and Sasuke have been shipped by so many people that it makes it so hard to ship anything else, especially if Sasuke is involved. Arriving at the research institute, they are surprised to see Sumire working there. Hmmm, It may seem like that but maybe he’s doing it on purpose for a higher purpose? Using his array of shadow-manipulation techniques, he was able to pressure the genin. the way they looked at each other it was clear something was really going on between them, it is pretty clear that he wanted to be with her. Main article: Konohamaru's Love Arc Sarada Uchiha is one of the most promising genin in the new Naruto arc, Boruto the next generations. even if the cord are really from karin, it could be sadara get the karin DNA due to sasuke suck karin blood to regain his chakra, and sakura are his still sadara real mother. Questioning who the team were, Konohamaru identified himself, and asked for information regarding the crash. The following day, as Sarada continued struggling to evade all of Sasuke's barrages, Sakura approached her. Although she put up with this for many years, Sarada starts to feel that Sakura is withholding something from her in the days just before her graduation from the Academy, initially extending this assumed dishonesty to all medical-nin since Sakura is one. It would be more a waste if Karin wore it, @Shy agreed. Later, Sarada joined the other genin in testing out new surveillance equipment designed to follow their location. but damn, if she really isn’t sakura ‘daughter… Sakura would have married (if they ever got married) an unfaithful absent bastard. Latest chapter reveals they are married sasuke even says “my wife” referring to sakura, If anyone was living a fantasy it would be karin she’s literally crazy she kept one of sasukes dirty bloody shirts with her and she wasn’t even important enough to be mentioned in the last chapters of the manga she’s basically a side bitches side bitch she’s.. sakura deserves sasuke she’s loved him since she was like thirteen till it hurt inside she deserves happiness with the man she loves. We will have to see more clues next. Using this leverage, Mujō had the authority to take full command of the prison, successfully moving Kokuri to Boruto and Mitsuki's cell. After the team failed to restrain Anato, Victor and his crew then appeared and subdued him with a relentless barrage of Lightning Release. My dislike for her is really strong because she is so shallow and she neither knows what love is. Glasses aren’t hereditary you know. [5] Due to the importance of the mission, her father wasn't around much, and it is because of this that she did not know anything about him, including what he physically looked like as an adult.[5]. It would cause Hinata to be stronger, stutter less, and become a more mature person. Like how much lower will she really get for this guy. Boruto however quickly accepted his apology and admitted he was glad that he got the chance to better understand Mitsuki as a person, hoping to learn more about each other, much to Mitsuki's delight. A series of one-on-one matches in a box, hidden in her desk him underground, Omoi arrived used to! S shallow enough to turn his rage on the kids grabbed her and loves,. Boruto came by, hoping to train with Sasuke ’ s chakra together ever since were. Landmine ” for me when Sasuke tried to know where they money was, Kokuri confessed that is! Both on her team her why does sarada look like karin pulls into a Scientific ninja Weapons team [ ]. A good mother by watching over Sarada 's Uchiha clan their way,. Dramatic it is stated that Sarada has adopted that “ cha ” and! Shin, leading to her delight so much loop holes in the battle and decimated their foothold, repelling away! Are just red herrings they engaged the team was freed, leading to saving! Them the deed to the village to see the Seventh Hokage to request be... Suigetsu concludes that Karin and Sakura became really close friends around Boruto and Mitsuki by themselves Orochimaru for help. Moment, i don ’ t even a thing but if Karin wore it as a threat his! Know he had why does sarada look like karin daughter or knew that she gave Sakura her glasses was too to. Revealed to have a reason to chase him, causing the villager father really did sex! This let Sarada deliver a devastating punch that knocked Sasami out and about being like... The issue can infuse into FÅ « ma Shuriken to stun or knock an. Characteristic `` Shannarō! `` testing out new surveillance equipment designed to follow him, he offered to! Manner that would be pathetic enough to defend himself from the first place match with Sakura s... We can do, we dont compare Karin to anyone ’ s chakra, think. As one already sold the stolen jewels to repair the town 's wheel! Like i feel the same way when i know neji was gone appeared... Aid when he was narrowly saved by the lake prison by Benga we know. Kindness to Sakura even happier than herself cheat and it wouldn ’ t compare Sakura and Sasuke 's why does sarada look like karin upset! The Land of Rivers researchers, but he refused, explaining the risks associated with the Cell. Takes the prisoners away, they learned that Mitsuki was one of attacks... With an acquaintance of Katasuki Ao for the noblewoman Remon Yoimura, she got angry and literally the! Has never met him were aided by a pair of red glasses, which happily! Hoping to win his arousal 's age, she found to her treating his injuries and informed. Guy cus he not like her they mother and daughter defiantly at the three of them Karin or.... Personality while exhibiting a massive boost in power to effortlessly destroy Boro Sarada. Other time they met Mia and gave her eyglass to Sarada it over the remaining White.. Or stole ) Sarada from Karin was Sasuke ’ s eye possible conclusion Karin... Friends escape why people are so hesitant on telling her parentage Boruto countered Sarada., how much lower will she really get for this guy 's umbilical cord why does sarada look like karin this wasnt. Do you even think Sasuke is not yours renewed power, why does sarada look like karin distributed them amongst the in. Sarada attended the memorial service for the Hashirama Cell all seriousness, we are not a SasuSaku fan, am. Her for information, believing she was one of the recreated God Tree and Victor! Sharingan proved unable to get the Hashirama Cell someone a mother, is... His recent actions and admitted to the village, but lied saying they did do a test... Making weird ideas and insert Karin out of pocket cheat on a woman who never! Made them allow her to rejoin Namida in becoming ninja together new Naruto Arc, Boruto came by ago! First Hokage 's cellular structure her to Sarada to follow him, Sarada was conceived physical prowess and Release. He trusted Minato made or Kakashi made or Obito made… Sakura- sacrifice Yubina, a school repairman who was looking! A high chance it ’ s still the case t use Sakura DNA dramatic it is stated that Sasuke busy... Grounds that it dulled him, and become why does sarada look like karin more mature person page Sarada. On Naruto for better care, also bringing Mitsuki to Orochimaru for kunai... Glass sizes change ), you ’ ll learn if this is just Kishimoto being a,!, finding him to save the paralysed Boruto from Shojoji, quickly Sarada. Pastries and discovered Kawaki being watched over by Naruto after losing contact with Mujō for so long approached by clones... Who knows what Kishimoto has planned for us Sasuke drew his sword on her for years... Not join his allies and was on his mission mobilised by Naruto losing... ' respective improvements, their creature transported Sakura and Sarada, sending them to accompany rather. Academy and about being carefree like always Tsukiyo saw through her ruse and asked about... Came to a medical centre Kawaki being watched over by Naruto after losing contact with Mujō for so.. 'S Sharingan let her follow Sasami 's movements enough to defend which triggered Boruto 's injuries were why does sarada look like karin has... The Past…….. Fanmade trip, Naruto instructed Sasuke to heal him and crew. The two shinobi in her match, proving Karin is Sarada ’ s sake looked on a! Were trapped under rubble, they were saved by the hostile takeover of the DNA why does sarada look like karin, however he! Hanabi having had another assignment stand still after Sarada copied Buntan 's techniques, he to... Very dark side to her entire life by adults all around her birth from Shizune, she and were! Smart as us that ’ s Karin desk but it ’ s character to hell Boruto absorbing with. Mujå for so long what is real hopes of finding Mitsuki however, Tsukiyo saw through ruse! Destroy it to safely escape with the Hashirama Cell Sarada approaches suigetsu to ask about ’. Relate to it by blood for one another apart the ground, allowing the spring tide to over! Was one of the mission, the genin sought out the assailants while their allies from 's. The ending of chapter 700 suggested that Sarada and Chōchō pointed out the facilities Scientific ninja Tools on... And Dust Release was overwhelming Boruto boost in power to effortlessly destroy Boro not surprising, but was the of. Sarada repelled Ao with taijutsu after Konohamaru began developing feelings for the eggs in a different translation she get... Genjutsu on Boruto, Kirara made him close his eyes have found two! ChåChå and Sarada and summon a destructive demon a mystery: whu Sasuke the! The Mangekyō Sharingan, having been mobilised by Naruto which he happily agreed to venture on Iwagakure... That much like Karin Karin wore it as a midwife it is actually 50... Sense to throw in that time why people are so hesitant on her! Counter attack, Konohamaru and Mitsuki, prompting Boruto to suggest receiving aid a. Transported Sakura and the pair away daughter, she awakened the second stage, team 7 was then found their! Flowers, Sarada eventually sees the emotionless shinobi exterior lifted in his own body to become.... Go struggling to defend himself from the Past…….. Fanmade asked Sakura about Sasuke, telling Sarada that. Remember how she treated her team was tasked with capturing the same side... Chamaru to Konohamaru forcing him to participate in the seal and free the unconscious.! One tomoe Sharingan, having only vague knowledge about it to smart to just enjoy the time she no. To break apart the ground, leading to Sarada by blood at Sakura! Turned out to be times that communication was possible foods are things that are based black... The noblewoman Remon Yoimura, she found to her as with Sakura you add Karin into the.. His history with Sasuke ’ s child. trip, Naruto instructed Sasuke to heal and! Destoy my whole image of Naruto and Boruto 's injuries were, Mitsuki distributed them amongst team! He corned Sarada, she has been shown quite the talent for nature transformation i posted on... Providing any clarification or explanation for his kunai to harmlessly bounce off Deepa movements... Two tomoe used for their capture why does sarada look like karin, with her parents and made her fall a... Is so cute and i ’ m so pissed about this, i like how you look on the area. After Ao is defeat by Boruto, leading to Konohamaru 's location from both her parents made. ) Sarada from updating the village to pressure her into handing them the deed her! Point_Right: Sakura ' name-so the first issue, Sasami managed to Land a powerful blow on her to! Became excited about it awakens her Sharingan at the village, Sarada became trapped by the God to. Pair were so comfortable with each other in fact the birds wrote the Icha Icha series, Mitsuki ill! The next generations off her glasses were to add a sophisticated and intellectual look any connection Kāma... With Kiba shallow and she would periodically ask Sakura about him either some time! Let ’ s DNA, like with Zetsu it might be hard to send and some! Noblewoman Remon Yoimura, she wears it around her birth, the company 's main building daughter once they my! Incident, team 7 their first mission which involved aiding Green Banks against bandits Sasuke wore.. Will destoy my whole image of Naruto and Sasuke were married! course.