Notes on Images/Video's.Where these are included, then either copyright is owned or permission Donegal (1st), Jim Clark (1st), Ulster (accident), 03. Time left 23h 50m left. State Express 555. Re-registered by AG in 06 to KF 81148, was on WT53 SRT. Prodrive Autosport International show car, 1999. 2013, Reg # FT53 SRT seen on Solberg car in Mitaka Subaru museum Tokyo, is this chassis 06.003? However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Poss destroyed on rally Subaru, Ihr Spezialist für Allrad-Autos mit Boxermotor. When Colin McRae powered his Subaru to world championship victory in 1995 it begun a legacy that engraved the GC8 Group A Impreza 555 in the annals of world rallying. Also used as Press car. 01.008 also S200 USA (Lovell) and X8 SRT for Arai AUS. Subaru Impreza 555 was born in 1993. Willinghams Recovery North Humberside, 04. State Express 555 cigarettes are produced by British American Tobacco which appeared at the beginning of 20th Century. Subaru opted to call their competition model the 555 since their key sponsor was State Express 555 who manufactured cigarettes, but were forbidden to advertise under FIA guidelines. MC (17th), Galway (5th), Circuit of Ireland (3rd), 05 Rally of the lakes Ire (4th), Donegal International (RTD), Jim Clark UK During the four years that Prodrive and Subaru campaigned the Impreza 555 only nine distinct number plates were assigned to the WRC works cars. Ex First Motorsport 03-04. Kein Knaller also, aber die hohe Laufruhe überzeugt im Alltag. Finished second in Thanks to Calum MacLeod and Robbie McLean for the additional info. For the 1993 World Rally Championship (WRC) season the Subaru team introduced a distinctive blue-with-yellow colour scheme. Tour of Circuit of Munster (3rd), Sligo Stages (3rd), Clare Stages, 10. with Tough Mac sponsorship. Circuit of Munster Swedish (28th), 04. Pirelli (11th), Vauxhall rally of Wales (DNF hit tree stump), Mutiny (8th), Swansea Bay (11th), Bulldog (28th), Rally GB (39th), 02. In Chinese culture, the number 5 is to be considered as a lucky number. 555 State Express has been in the market for a long time and it's pretty big in many Asian countries. 97.003 was previously P100 ALL and P2 WRC. 2010, for sale by Gianluca Linari for 45K EUR. 98.031 was briefly registered as SB-DR-63 MvH Rallysport, Thanks to Martijn for the update on this car. Mexico (Accident), Sardinia 14th, Turkey (RTD), Acropolis (RTD),05. Circuit of Kerry, Kilarney rally of the lakes, (DNF engine), Donegal (DNF head gasket),11. The new Impreza 555 debuted late in 1993 with Ari Vatanen finishing second in the car’s inaugural race at Finland’s 1000 Lakes Rally. Colin/Nicky in China. laws. Der erste Serien-Subaru läuft erst vier Jahre später vom Band: Der viersitzige Leichtbau- Kleinwagen 360 trägt mit seinem günstigen Preis der schwierigen wirtschaftlichen Situation im Land Rechnung und hat als Neu- und Subaru Gebrauchtwagen damit Erfolg. Rally GB (DNF engine), Cambrian (1st), 02. Tour of Epynt, RDP (4th), Welsh, Abingdon, Carwent stages, Harry Flatters, Mewla, Patroit Stages, WWRS Christmas Stages, 07. The Impreza was essentially a replacement for the Leone, and being smaller than the Legacy, it had the potential to be a more successful car. Re-reg DL 51121 by MO for Norway Mountain Rally. For sale 2012, KG Motorsport. From United States. The cars also incorporated registration numbers Converted to RHD then back to LHD. Re-reg X506 OBF ? All about the iconic 555 brand and it's connection to The name Subaru translates to the star cluster Pleiades which is Today, the brand is still very popular in Asia, especially in the Greater China area, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Nach wie vor vertritt der von Subaru entwickelte Zweiliter-Boxer mit 200 PS die inzwischen seltene Schule des Saugmotors. 2007, for sale by Julian Reynolds for £38K. 2007, for sale, by Leszek Kuzaj for 70K EUR. Olympian (RTD), Elpa Rally Halkidiki (RTD), CY (1st), 99. 1000 lakes (2nd), 1993. Weltgrößter Allrad-Pkw-Hersteller. Riponian, Nederland Rally, SOL Rally Barbados, 09. Und auch wenn der Motor vorne nahe in … June 2011, now back in original 555 livery. Rallye Catalunya, 1997. rebuild. For future events this was not Original P2 WRC For sale 2009 @52K EUR. As Bought new by Holowczyc from Prodrive in 2004. BAT; (British American Sunseeker (2nd), 09.Swansea Bay (RTD Gearbox), 09. Cambrian 6th, Rally GB (DNF crash stage 21), 2001. Norweigan Championship, Rally Hedmarken (1st),10. Winner of Dutch championship in 2010, and third in 2009. 1993, built by Prodrive for Sweden for Ari Vatenan but one-off driven by Hannu Mikkola due to illness. For sale 2013 80K EUR Italy, new engine, turbo. Rally Ire (RTD), Catalunya (WRDN), Monaghan Stages Ire (7th), Carlow stages Ire (7th), Cavan stages Ire (6th), 06. Also reg as KOA-200. Repsol sponsorship. Please contact me if you would like to contribute information or submit images. Kenny Mckinstry hire car in 97. For sale Oct 2010 @ 60K EUR RHD tarmac spec. Being advertised as 2nd to last Prodrive car, chassis #? As the team was sponsored Buy It Now. Tour of Epynt, Tour of Caerwent, RDP Welsh, Azimghur Stages, Harry Flatters, Mewla, 08. For sale Oct 2010 in France @ 100K Eur. Following the Legacy RS and its single victory, the Impreza made its competition debut at rally Finland in 1993. F (4th), Italy San Remo (RTD), Rally GB (1st), 00. Download Image. Weil kein anderes Fahrzeug so gebaut ist. It actually stretches back to 1993 when Subaru entered the Prodrive-built Impreza 555 into the World Rally Championship for the first time. 2007, for sale by Stobart Motorsport for £35K. SW (3rd), I (DNF), SAF (4th), A,(1st), RA, (DNF), 1000 Lakes (DNF), AUS (4th), SR (1st), SP (1st), 96. Galway Summer,Monaghan Stages, Mayo Stages, 10. MC (1st), SW (DNF), POR (1st), TdeC (4th), AUS (DNF), SP (1st), RAC (2nd), 95. It was sold widely throughout the world. Tempest Rally (12th), Trackrod (16th), Ulster International (18th), 04. Car and Performance Car restoration article Oct 2010. Killarney Rally of the Lakes (2nd OA), 11. Seeing one of his cars out today, tearing up a Welsh rally stage as it was meant to, is such a treat. Cigarettes and alcohol dominate this list of iconic race car liveries, with State Express 555 – famously known simply as 555 – appearing next on our list. Built by Prodrive 2002. Legend Fires North West Stages car 19, 11. Border Counties, Jim Clark, Malcolm Wilson, Speyside Stages, 09. Prodrive built, converted to clubman Grp A. Owner since 2014/2015, used on demo rallies and events. This brand is marketed in more than 60 countries and their makers, BAT is working hard to expand its influence to new territories. All bar one featured the numbers 555, the exception being N1WRC as used by McRae in 1996. Rallye Sunseeker car 11 (DNF clutch), North Humberside car 89 (DNF wheel studs sheared), Somerset Stages car 9 (DNF clutch), Mutiny Prodrive engine/gearbox. KG Motorsport car, ex Eamonn Boland. 2007, for sale by ARC (Portugal) 72K EUR. As the team was sponsored by British American Tobacco's 555 cigarette brand, incorporating the 555 was a way of getting around the tobacco advertising laws. Bettega Memorial Rally, It is believed the plate was then found on a Kawasaki motorbike, was it then that that 03.009 became S17 GGC? The Subaru World Rally Team (SWRT) was Subaru's World Rally Championship (WRC) team. Jan 2020, Newly built by Autosportif Engineering. Ulster Int (5th), Cork 20 (7th),Catalunya (22nd), 04. For sale 2018, (Motorsports, £17.8K. The year 1995 was to be the team’s turnaround. 2007, for sale by Tomaz Kaucic for 76K EUR. Used by Prodrive/Pirelli for tyre testing. 2019, for Rally GB 2008 was last WRC event for Subaru. Destroyed (fire) testing for troodos rally. At the last event, the RAC Rally of Great Britain, the Scotsman clinched the Drivers’ World Rally Championship title. Tests Subaru Levorg 2.0i im Test Tschüss Turbo, hallo Saugmotor. Converted to RHD + paddle shift by Harper rally prep. Carlos Sainz joined Subaru to partner McRae for a full World Rally programme in 1994, and the Spaniard achieved the first outright win with the Impreza 555 on the ’94 Acropolis Rally. FEL = Fisher Engineering Ltd. Mar 2011, car purchased by Lionel Hansen, to be rebuilt for use in the Belgium Rally Championship. Car rebuilt by Melvyn Evans in 2009, and purchased by Prodrive in 2009. cars at the end of 1996, but was reintroduced for some rallies in 2004. Reshelled after Malaysia 1993 using K555 BAT's original bodyshell. Willinghams Recovery North Humberside,04. Rees Engineering Millbrook National Rally, 06. Believed car now broken for spares after accident on the Rali Vinho da Madeira, 1997. 2007, for sale by Daniel Amet for 250K EUR. Dec 3rd -7th Italian Rally Championship (Aimont Racing), 02. The 555 branding also made it's way onto the 1999 BAR F1 car driven by Jacques Villeneuve, with one half of the car in 555 colours and the After the 555 is the B.A.T. Jim Clark Memorial Rally, Circuit of Ireland, 02. Originally registered P555 WRC, and changed to P18 WRC when sold on to ProSport in Italy. Circuit of Munster, Sligo Stages (8th),Clare Stages, 10. 08.006 was 2 WRC. DNF, blown engine. Donegal, Cork '20' Rally, Rally of the Lakes, 92. The 555 State Express cigarettes are especially favored in China and Malaysia, where BAT holds a main position. Canberra Rally (1st), 96. Quinton Stages 18th OA, 2nd in class, 10. two digits of the last three were BW, FC, JO, UD and WL, these were used up to 1993 when the 555 plates were introduced. Australian Rally Chamionship: Tasmania Rally (1st), 1996. H7 KAL first seen on a Legacy, now on a GC8. For sale Sept 2010 Protec @ £275K, tarmac spec. The 37 most popular Usa Cigarettes coupons & promo codes for August 2018. Originally LHD, was converted to RHD and back again ? Originally David Lapworths compaany car, which was then built into a Gpr A car for Paul Harris in Letterkenny, which was heavily crashed. building WRC cars. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 07. For sale 2010 22K EUR. Bulldog, Woodpecker, Omloop, Monteberg, 02. Specsavers Christmas stages croft 08, 6th. Memorial rally (9th OA), Legend Fires SMC stages (13th OA),11. Circuit of Munster, Donegal International, 10. Argentina 04 (1st), NZ 04 (RTD), GB (1st), Rally of the Lakes IRE 05 (6th) + others. Possibly now in the Fisher collection, 2013. Ex Mexico (4th), Acropolis (Accident), Sardinia (RTD), 04. 2007, for sale by Stichting (Holland) for 75K EUR. Note: GC8 is the model code for the first generation Impreza WRX. Mont-blanc, Cévennes ‘09. Malcolm Wilson Rally (15th OA), Somerset Stages (15th OA), Plains rally (10th OA), Dukeries rally (DNF Welsh Stage Championship (1st), Ancro (3rd), 2001. For sale 2011 by Totcar Sport for 135K Euro. shell sold to "Smokin" Jo McAndrew at end of 1996, re-registered to 555PRO. Catalunya (2nd), A (RTD Turbo), FIN (crashed re-shelled),2000. Bulldog Rally (DNF Gearbox), Severn Valley Rally (drive shaft failure), 11. It is also the car with which Colin McRae won his first, and only, drivers’ world championship in 1995 at age 27. Built for Bertie Fisher by Prodrive in 1998, The highly represented in the Stars badge. Winner of Last WRC event for Impreza. 2011, built by TEG sport from Prodrive car. The Impreza 555 was introduced on the 1993 1000 Lakes Rally, driven by Marku Allen and Ari Vatenan. Fastnet Ire (10th), Festive fun run Ire (3rd), 05. Azimghur Stages 04/05, The Three Counties Stages, 04. Rebuilt 2010. Burns history unclear, requires investigation. Betta Somerset Stages, Woodpecker, 09. Mutiny car 6 (3rd) , Swansea Bay car 9 (DNF Turbo), Bulldog car 8 (DNF engine), 06. In McRae collection, restored by Autosportif. Thanks to Bob Ceen for the 2001-2006 data. for the Hellendoornrally 2010. Circuit of Kerry, Midland Multi, ALMC, Galway summer, Tour of Epynt, Welsh International (1st), 06. This also explains why the "555" are removed from all video games depicting the Rally Impreza because of a law prohibiting tabacco advertising in video games. Wydean car 20 27th, Malcolm Wilson car 37 (20th), Betta Somerset Stages car 14 (8th), Plains Built using genuine Grp A 555 parts by Autosportif, British championship winning car. An entirely new set of regulations forced Subaru to release the wide-bodied WRC97 for subsequent seasons. It was later converted to an Impreza by Autosportif. Was/is owned by McRae family, possibley sold at auction in 2015? Galway International IRE (Accident), 2013, for sale 175K EUR, many new parts and panels. 2007, for sale by Aimont Racing for 95K EUR. (98.003?) Rally Van Haspengouw (4th), Rallye De Wallonnie (4th), BelRC, 11. 2013, for sale by Stohl Racing Italy. Car then sold overseas. Bushwhacker, Mayo Stages, Galway International, 10. Thanks to Bob Ceen for event information on P12 WRC who bought the car in Malcolm Wilson Rally, Quinton Stages 09 (1st), 09. Images of the driver getting all sorts of sideways in the blue-and-yellow Imprezas sponsored by 555 Cigarettes are burned into many race fan’s memory. This colour scheme has been iconic in the minds of Subaru fans ever since. This colour scheme has been iconic in the minds of Subaru fans ever since. This company began its activities in 1915 and today it is the second most mainstream trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such outstanding tobacco giants as Philip Morris International. ), 93. Rally GB (9th), 10. It allowed Subaru to run the car with the full 555 livery, a non tobacco advertising event. Prototype Tuthill reinforced shell. They pride themselves on providing their customers 555 cigarettes, American Spirit cigarettes, Basic cigarettes, Benson & Hedges cigarettes, camel cigarettes, Capri Cigarettes, Carlton cigarettes Cigar etc. bare metal rebuild in 2010, ex PWRC. Multiwage Granite City Rally (rolled), 2004. LHD and imported into the USA in 2000. This set the pace for another manufacturers championship in 1996 with the 555, but McRae lost the drivers’ championship to Tommi Makinen. 2019, re-commissioned by BGM, in original spec as it was in 2000. This company began its activity in 1915 and today it is the second most prominent trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such a notable tobacco mammoth as Philip Morris International. SW (5th), I (DNF), SAF (2nd), A (2nd), RA (5th), 1000 Lakes (5th), AUS (2nd), SR (5th), SP (7th), 96. rallying. by British American Tobacco's 555 cigarette brand, incorporating the 555 was a way of getting around the tobacco advertising McCrae and Sainz dominated the season, taking victories at the Catalunya Rally, Rally of New Zealand and Portugal Rally. 2013, for sale by KG Motorsport, gravel spec. Severely damaged by Mark van Eldik at ELE for the 97 BRC. Prodrive built car, S14 bodywork. S90 WRT was the original plate used on 03.009 but was moved to Pirelli test chassis 01.002 by Melvyn Evans, and subsequently went to Barbados 2008-2009. Express 555 is one of 240 cigarette brands marketed around the world by British American Tobacco, founded in 1902 they Italy 150K EUR. The year after Colin McRae won the World Rally Championship in 1995, his car had the registration number N1 WRC. Possibly written off Sezoens rally 2009 ? Sligo Stages, Donegal Harvest Stages, 10. Given to R. Burns by Prodrive in 2001 for winning the WRC, Richard did not drive the car in the WRC. with 555 included on all events, to further promote the brand, especially where tobacco advertising was not allowed. these were effectively Private plates the last three digits could be specified as required. 2018, now reported to be owned by Enda Garvey. Converted from RHD to Ever wondered what Subaru’s obsession with blue and yellow is? Due to its perfect blend and flavor State Express 555 are sold worldwide, though they are most popular in Europe, Asia and China. [2] 555 logos were found on Subaru cars from 1993 to 2003. 2003, owned by Tagai Images of the driver getting all sorts of sideways in the blue-and-yellow Imprezas sponsored by 555 Cigarettes are burned into many race fan's memory. Prodrive car, bought by Alex Markham, 2014. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. There are few more iconic driver-car pairings in rally than Colin McRae and the Subaru Impreza. Blue and yellow are still the colours which are the most common with racing Imprezas, while the 555 moniker became one of the synonyms for the first generation of the racing model. The Impreza story began in 1992 when the first-generation WRX 4WD road car was revealed. Kilarney Rally of the Lakes, (1st OA), Donegal (3rd), 11. Test car. Der Subaru Levorg 2.0i wechselt vom 1,6-Liter-Turbo zum Zweitliter-Saugmotor. For sale 2013, £16.5KGPB. Impreza 555. Apr 2020, undergoing full restoration by Autosportifengineering. © Subaru Southern Africa document.write( new Date().getFullYear() ); | Managed by Clipping Point Media. The overseas rights to the brand, excluding the U.K., were acquired by British American Tobacco (BAT) in 1925. Circuit of Munster (2nd), Sligo Stages, Clare Stages, 10. For the year 2000 BAR, the 555 logo was just featured. State Express Cigarettes 555 Tin Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. Pre-Owned. The Impreza 555 was introduced on the 1993 1000 Lakes Rally, driven by Marku Allen and Ari Vatenan. New Zealand Rally and pre test event, 1994, 1st. Subaru's first FIA win in the Asia Pacific Drivers and Manufactures championship. FIA Asia Pacific Championship, winner of the Drivers and Manufactures championship, 1994. New year stages, Bushwhacker, Tour of the Sperrins,10. Year Make Description Price ; 2000 : Subaru : 2000 WANTED ALL IMPREZA TURBO MODELS. Prodrive and Subaru used a different system, for example a For sale Oct 2010 @ £35K, engine built by Teg Sport. Erst zwischen 6.400 und 6.600 Touren stehen die maximalen 205 Newtonmeter Drehmoment an. Was on 98.021 re-registered P2 WRC, Schmidt Racing Australia ?. Elle a été le sponsor de Subaru. “ The 1994 car was similar in specification to the 1993 model but featured a cockpit-adjustable hydraulic front differential, and later a fully active centre differential ”. Toshiba Irish Tarmac Championship (1st), 02. here for more info on Prodrive. In all other cases links to the owner is included. WRC2002 is also called an S8. It used a distinctive blue with yellow color scheme that is a throwback to ... the sponsorship deal with State Express 555, a BAT cigarette brand popular in Asia. Legend Fires N West Stages car 3 (1st), 11. 2019, for sale. This was followed by five more victories in the WRC and Asia-Pacific Championship, and Subaru ended the year as runners-up in the manufacturer’s championship. Circuit of Munster, Sligo Stages (3rd), Clare Stages (10th), 2010. Scotish International (14th), Rally of Wales (DNF), Pirelli Int (18th), 04. For sale 2010 @ £60K. Car moved to Italy in 1997, and back to UK in 2004. For sale Sept 2010 by JPS Autosport France @ 65K Euro. Converted from road car, full Grp N spec. Vergleiche über 70 Subaru Gebrauchtwagen Angebote im Netz und finde so dein neues Auto! Laois Stages, Mayo stages, Circuit of Kerry, Cavan, Circuit of Munster, Ravens Rock, Stonethrowers, Galway. Grizedale, Greystoke stages, Border Counties, 2009. 93.004 registered as L555 BAT for this event, L555 BAT subsequently transferred to 93.003. entries, well done Robbie. Apr 2020, record updated as previously noted that L555FEL was built for Bertie Fisher in 1994 by Prodrive, Wählen Sie aus unseren SUV Modellen das passende Auto für sich. Full bare shell re-build, presumably converted to RHD at some time. (30th), Cambrian (2nd), Ancro (1st), 2004. 1993 Subaru Impreza 555. by Prodrive in Banbury. Vtg State Express 555 Cigarettes Tin London for Pakistan International Airlines. For sale 2010 by Eian Pritchard for £85K. 2019 Adelaide tarmac rally, 11th from 320 Accept. After a highly successful 5 years they ended the sponsorship deal in Dec 98 until when 93.004? 2006, for sale by Noel Redmond, RHD tarmac spec. Prodrives first championship win until Colin's win in 1995. Woodpecker car 5 (2nd), Cambrian car 6 (DNF electrics), 06. Nichts fährt sich wie ein Subaru. For sale 2018, (Motorsport, 41K EUR, For sale 2018 by Graham Coffey who has owned the car since 2007. Circuit of Munster, Sligo Stages (RTD gearbox), Stonethrowers, Clare Stages, 10. C $38.27. Network Q's and 3 home internationals. K555 SRT replated as 555 ARI for this event. You can find detailed information about how cookies are used on this website by visiting our terms and conditions. (4th), Manx UK (4th). LJH 555. 1st WRC event for Impreza. Petter's first WRC win after big battle with Markko Martin. cigarettes impreza 22b sti dirt rally subaru legacy renton wa impreza wrc tobacco ardath tobacco impreza wrx sti world rally car State Express 555 Subaru... NEWS: Subaru's blue and... State Express 555, simply known as 555, is a British brand of cigarette originally manufactured in the United Kingdom by the Ardath Tobacco Company. State Express 555 is a brand of Cigarettes made by Benson & Hedges. Rally of Wales (DNF), Pirelli Int (17th), 2004. Tarmac spec, built by Prodrive in 2001, fitted with S9 boost pack. Has a S6 shell with S7/S8 components. Ask any motorsports fan to name one car that is synonymous with the rally sport, and the Subaru Impreza 555 will surely be among the top five, if not number one. Deutschland (8th), Corsica (10th), Catalunya (8th), 04. For sale 2018, £25K part built by Nigel Griffiths. First S14 tested by P.Solberg and C.Atkinson. Oberhalb von 4.000 Umdrehungen schmeichelt ein Soundgenerator den Ohren. Longstanding motorsport partner Prodrive and Subaru Technica International (STi, later STI) developed the Impreza according to Group A regulations. Lyon, Epine, Montagne Noire, Mont-blanc’ 2008, Montagne Noire, Epynt, IOM, ALMC Stages, Tyneside Stages, State Express 555 Camera Cigarette 555 Blend No.555 Gold Cigarettes 10 Cartons Blonded Radio 555 Cap From The Mag [page 304] : FrankOcean. 555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes manufactured by the British American Tobacco. Rallye National de Haute-Provence, (rtd), Rallye National La Crau Provence Méditerranée, (rtd), 2013. Circuit of Munster (1st), Sligo Stages (1st), Stonethrowers (1st), Clare Stages (3rd), 10. (fr) State Express 555, simply known as 555, is a brand of cigarette originally manufactured in the United Kingdom by the Ardath Tobacco Company. Gary Emmette did a bare shell re-build in 04, but sold the car at the end of 05. For sale Sept 2010 by KG Motorsport for 50K Euro. 1993, built by Prodrive for Acropolis but badly damaged by Ari Vatenan. in 2001, the famous partnership was re-united See Before the Impreza, Subaru used two other models in world rallies – the Leone and the Legacy. Rallye National du Roussillon Fenouillèdes (29th), 2013. Photo detail for 555 Cigarettes : Title: 555 Cigarettes Date: June 06, 2018 Size: 176kB Resolution: 1200px x 861px Download Image. This made him the youngest competitor ever, and also the first Briton to achieve this. Polish National Championship, 2003. 555's are cigarettes. 1954 British advertisement for State Express 555 cigarettes. Rallye Portugal, 1997. Bob completed a total of 27 events in L555REP, including 2x Madera Regional championship,(15 events)00-01. 2006. Coracle Stages (6th OA), 2nd in class, 10. 2007, for sale by Tadhg Linehan for £55K. For sale 2011, 215K EUR. Built by Automobile Rallipro Spain to group A spec (Tarmac). Re-reg to NM 04427 by Aimont Italy in 06. Was R30 WRC ex Joost Kusters, Netherlands, 06/06/11. Apr 2020, record updated to remove connection to L555FEL. a winning partnership with one drivers championship (Colin McRae in 1995) and three consecutive Constructors titles (1995-97) to it's credit. Recent engine by First Motorsport. Factory built for WRC and Asia Pacific events, also used as a Prodrive recce car, converted to Grp N spec by Ryan Champion Has S9 paddle shift/boost pack. (16th), 03. 3rd Overall 2010 Scottish Rally Championship. Galway, Killarney Rally of the Lakes ? Rebuilt by Autosportif. Rally Coppa Liburna (Aris Welsh Pirelli (Carlisle), Scottish (Perth), Ulster, Manx (DNF? French Rally championship. or Best Offer. 555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes produced by the British American Tobacco. retired from WRC events in 2009. State Vovos) Accident. Built in 2006 by Prodrive, has N12B map upgrades. R19 WRC is widely reported as previously being P19 WRC, this is believed to be incorrect. Ran by Dom Buckley Test car. Acropolis, (DNF Rebuilt at Prodrive to compete in the Asia Pacific Championship, where Ari Vatanen drove the car in New Zealand (retired from 2nd o/a, TCA failure). Catalunya (7th), Acropolis (RTD), NZ (1st), 01. Rally Team was operated Subaru-Modelle. Mula Rally, Wexford Stages, 2013. other half in the Lucky Strike (another BAT brand) colours. 555 has ceased sponsorship on the Rally Impreza team since … Tempest Rally, (6th), Buldog (9th),Trackrod (23rd), 2004. GB, 08. Cette marque est très populaire en Chine, à Taïwan, au Bangladesh et au Viêt Nam. The 555 Subaru World Rally Team announced today that it has renewed its partnership with British American Tobacco, and its internationally popular cigarette brand 555, for at least the next 3 years. involved in large accident (KE) in Corsica 97. 555 – Subaru. K555 was returned to Prodrive and re-shelled. Built by Prodrive in 2007, tarmac spec RHD. Specsavers Christmas stages, SOL Rally Barbados, 08. Crashed on Rally Elmot by Kuzaj, re-built. For sale 2013 for £28K, tarmac spec, extensive rebuild history. 2011, for sale £85K. Possibly Prodrive test car for S9 components. State Express 555 est une marque de cigarettes de British American Tobacco. Bad crash in INA rally Croatia 99, possibly scrapped. swapped plates between cars, so the history becomes a little confusing. The 555 on the Rally Subaru Impreza is the name of their sponsor. North Road Garage. £165000. On display at the Alford Auto Museum, 2011. Italy San Remo (9th), Corsica (RTD), 2000. Petter's Champoinship winning car from 2003. 2018, for sale For sale 2010 @ 86K EUR. Was S20 WRT. Re-registered 05 to NM557 P (Aimont Racing) and again to NM873 R in 06. Due to be driven by Possum Bourne (according to records), but Colin McRae drove the car to victory - after hitting a tree, severely damaging the shell. The 1994 car was similar in specification to the ’93 model but used Pirelli tyres and featured a cockpit-adjustable hydraulic front differential, and later a fully active centre differential. It was a reference to its sponsorship deal with State Express 555, a cigarette brand from British American Tobacco (BAT), and the team opted to name their competition model the 555. As Prodrive is based in Banbury, UK registration of the works cars meant that the Irish National Championship, 08. Circuit of Ireland (3rd), Rally of the Lakes (2nd), Donegal (6th), Jim Clark (3rd), Cork 20 (2nd), 02. 0 bids. Rally GB (5th), 1993. Sweden 06 (Accident), Rally Norway (3rd), Numedalsrally N (RTD). Sunseeker (12th), Astra (6th), Mutiny (7th), Isle of Man (22nd), Swansea Bay (7th), Park Systems (7th), Bulldog Astra Stages 9th, Swansea Bay 6th, Woodpecker 6th, Bulldog 10th, 2001. WRC ( World Rally Car) are a few examples Colin McRae's car was L555BAT, and Carlos Sainz's was L555REP, in allegiance to his For sale 07 by Morgan Motorsport (UK) £82.5K. It allowed Subaru to run the car with the full 555 livery, a non tobacco advertising event. Additionally, it was the first rally car with active differentials. Then converted to RHD. This advert has now been removed through sale or otherwise, please see the list below for similar live adverts. Wir er mit dem neuen Antrieb fährt, klärt der Test For sale 2011 £77500 by Grayston Engineering Ltd. Full rebuild by Prodrive before sale to John Powell. sale after extensive bare metal shell Sunseeker when owned by Geoff Underhill. (Hungary). Sarrazin First Motorsport car. C $13.00. Built by MSP with a mixture of 98,99 and 2000 bits. Disclaimer on site data.Data is gathered from many different sources which cannot always be verified, so given that some of these cars have The State Express branding dates back to the 1950's when it was seen on the side of a Guy bus, the registration plate was subaru impreza 555 For Sale. For the 1993 WRC season, the Subaru team debuted with a blue and yellow color scheme, along with a new title sponsor cigarette manufacturer State Express 555. Brick and Steel Border Counties 24th Mar 2007. On hire from 22 motorsport. Ina Rally Croatia 99, possibly scrapped some rallies in 2004 `` Smokin '' Jo McAndrew who... Represented in the United Kingdom, they are registered and manufactured in Westminster, of! In 04, but was reintroduced for some rallies in 2004 auction in 2015,... On OT53 SRT re-registered XKT 860, Swedish service area show car car 6 ( DNF now... For similar live adverts unclear if this was the original 93.004 shell and what shell L555STE now... The iconic 555 brand and it 's pretty big in many Asian countries 14th ), Clare,., engine built by Prodrive in 2001 for winning the WRC, this is the! Scheme has been iconic in the United Kingdom, they are registered and manufactured in Westminster City! 2X Network Q 's and 3 home internationals, Jim Clark ( 33rd,! Galway, West Cork, fastnet, Pirelli Int ( 18th ), (., Scotish International ( 14th ), 2004 using k555 BAT 's original bodyshell or permission use! By Daniel Amet for 250K EUR 45K EUR bad crash in INA Rally Croatia 99 possibly! Drove it to Australia 2nd o/a registered as 555 Ari show possibly used by Colin/Nicky in China ( 13th in. Ceased sponsorship on the Rally Subaru Impreza is the model code for the first Rally car with differentials! Arai AUS imported into the USA in 2000 the Hellendoornrally 2010, (! K555 SRT replated as 555 Ari for this event, 1994, 1st in )... Oa ), Elpa Rally Halkidiki ( RTD ), Ulster,,! Purchased by Prodrive, has N12B map upgrades 555 brand and it 's pretty big in many countries..., Sligo Stages, Mayo Stages, 09 Mountain Rally Malaysia 1993 k555... Without changing your settings, we assume that you are happy to receive all on. Plates between cars, so the history becomes a little confusing new set of regulations forced Subaru to release wide-bodied! For Ari Vatenan after extensive bare metal shell rebuild ) as the sponsor for Subaru LHD, it. Eldik at ELE Rally Holland your settings, we assume that you are happy to receive all cookies the! Test all about the iconic 555 brand and it 's connection to L555FEL ( 14th,! Advertising event petter 's first WRC win after big battle with Markko Martin active differentials 2018 (! Wrc who bought the car with the full 555 livery, a non advertising... Fans ever since be considered as a lucky number, built by Teg Sport from Prodrive car Championship. ( 1st ), 02 ensure that we give you the best on... Presumably converted to RHD and back again GT Motorsport engine, Turbo SUV Modellen passende! Logos were found on Subaru cars from 1993 to 2003 Angebote im Netz und finde so dein neues!. Between cars, so the history becomes a little confusing reintroduced for some rallies in 2004 4WD road car revealed! Cigarettes '' appeared since long ago involved in large Accident ( KE ) in 1925 is owned or to., Border Counties, Jim Clark ( 33rd ), Acropolis ( RTD engine ), 11 2006 for show. The iconic 555 brand was dropped from the works WRC cars at the new Zealand motorshow 2017 97.001 first WRC. By ARC ( Portugal ) 72K EUR during the four years that Prodrive and Subaru campaigned the Impreza made competition... The beginning of 20th Century Clipping Point Media Championship for the 1993 1000 Rally! Manx, 2005 ),2000 Express 555 cigarettes Tin London for Pakistan International.!, Speyside Stages, Clare Stages, Bushwhacker, Mayo Stages, 09, Buldog ( OA. Tracing a cars history is by the British American Tobacco ( BAT ) in 2010 and... For 50K Euro in 2018 and rebuilt in 555 livery, a RTD. Amet for 250K EUR class, 10 was last WRC event for Subaru year! More iconic driver-car pairings in Rally than Colin McRae and the Subaru Impreza only nine distinct number plates assigned!