Just how strong is he? Naruto has way better striking in lifting strength feats, so hew would win in hand to hand combat. Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!Edited by DJAXSBeat by BEAT DEMONS: https://youtu.be/qzhXEGRR8D8BACKGROUNDS by CooliSushi:https://youtu.be/jB_5pGRUokwThanks … Goku could own the naruto universe without a doubt. Piccolo and Krillin are the versions that fought Saiyans in Saiyan Saga These versions of Naruto and Sasuke are basically same ones in Momoshiki fight but 100% Full Power Krillin’s power level in Dragonball is likely 100–200, which is less than Goku but still 20 times what a typical human is. Long story short me and a friend were arguing over the Rasenshuriken and Destructo Disc, with me saying the RS is ripped from the DD. IS somewhat hard to guage Krillin power, first of all, Krillin stop training after marrying android 18, so this is a difficult match to gauge. He own everyone in anime history. Even by Namek saga, Krillin is nearly as powerful as Goku was when Goku beat Vegeta, and Vegeta dominated Piccolo who blew up the moon like it was no big deal prior to that. Area: Rubble Filled Wastland Distance: 10M Conditions:Naruto is currently in Sage Mode and has access to all of the Kyuubi's power in case he cannot beat Krillin in Sage Mode.Krillin's power is at his peak the same level it was in the Buu saga. But personally I would be kaiba and screw the rules then bring aizen from bleach into this. Naruto has some moon level showings. Everyone knows that Dragon Ball is recognized as the grandfather of all shonen anime and manga. What Saga in Dragonball does he compare to and who? Yes, pretty easily. people say naruto can beat krillin up.but we all no when vegeta fist came to earth his power level was about 20000 and he would absolutely destroy naruto and vegeta with thta power level had the ability to destroy planets. Krillin edges Naruto out in DC. Krillin vs. Naruto All canonical abilities and attributes are viable. This sort of conflicts the overpoweredness of EVERY dragonball Z character with the (arguably) most … Due to that and the series being one of those that laid out the groundwork for many of the shonen character archetypes it's pretty easy to find equivalents for characters in other shonen series.. RELATED: 10 Reasons Why Naruto Is The Best Of Shonen Jump's Big Three In this video, we go over how strong is Naruto Uzumaki compared to Dragon Ball! Isnt this krillin vs the naruto universe. Unfortunately Naruto’s power level at a similar time is probably 50 at best. But krillin would have a problem. You can put in any naruto but for DBZ its just krillin.