October 19, 2009 at 11:30 am Reply; Maria. These look delicious. Read the label! APPLE CIDER DONUT CAKE. 1/2 cup of butter, … Pull the dough out of the freezer. -the quiche lorraine, i’m usually very at ease with quiche, but the addition of leeks to this recipe was a v good idea, and again a lovely lovely dish. I don’t think it’s the recipes fault, I just really stink at frying things! You would not believe that I just bought apple cider this week so I could do this very thing! You always come through with incredible recipes. Hi Adam — It’s a sticky, kinda soft dough. Serve immediately. Righto – off to find me some of that. i’ve been craving apple cider donuts for weeks. As a child, we would pick out pumpkins from a local farm that had already been cut from the patch and brought to the front of the farm and arranged on wooden tables where you'd pick out the one you want. You talked me into it and finally have given me a two great reasons reason to make these… sweet little baby & incredible recipe. Enjoy fresh pressed apple cider, homemade fudge, donuts and other delicious treats too. Apple cider isn’t just a delicious cocktail ingredient—it’s great for some whiskey-infused baking too. These are also cute, but it’s just not the same thing. Crisco is the only way to fry! And I was just telling my husband last week how I was feeling sorry for myself because we moved away from my favorite apple cider doughnut shop in Chicago. I was scared to DEATH because I have never made doughnuts before, but they were really easy! If you have already coated them, you can warm it in microwave or just enjoy it cold. I WANT TO MAKE THESE BABIES! — though it’d be hard to argue that “healthfulness” was my preoccupation). Great post. And it causes me much sadness! When deep frying, I’m actually looking for a fat that leaves the least behind, so they don’t taste slick. i always have crisco on hand. Also, for the Celiacs, I adapted this by swapping the flour for: 1.5cps rice flour + 1/2cp potato starch + 1/4cp tapioca starch + 1tsp xanthum gum. Giving up on frying, next time I’ll just go to the donut store. I “latked” a few holes in a frying pan with a little corn oil this afternoon. Ooo…how exciting! Oh my goodness. Remove dough from the freezer; use a lightly floured 3-inch round cutter to cut out as many doughnuts as you can. The donuts look delectable, but they pale next to your adorable shortening sized-baby. Sprinkle dough with additional flour, cover with plastic wrap, and place in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up. Don't try to use a rolling pin, just pat the dough to a roughly even layer with your hands. You could also use canola oil. a crisco can never looked so beautiful. YUM! Whatever you bake, make sure you make this apple cider donut cake! They look phenomenal! Oh my. Also, the pictures of your son with the Crisco are too adorable. Have ready a plate lined with several thicknesses of paper towels. I am not sure what you mean by baking…, Chiming in! :). Any thoughts as to where I went wrong? 15. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. In a large mixing bowl whisk together flour, sugars, baking powder, … Wow! Cause I want to make these donuts…..but I’m clueless. Thanks for my new homemade fall obsession! I used Crisco for baking; the new trans fat free does not bake the same way without adjustments. Add about one third of the flour mixture and mix in on low speed, then add another third and mix, then add the final third and mix just until combined. Was the missing ingredient to a childhood memory of cider donuts on rainy days in a small town in IL. 3097 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand; (717) 768-7112. personally, while i think the argyle socks are very debonaire, there’s nothing i like better than bare little baby toes…nibble nibble nibble. Heat the apple cider in a large saucepan over medium high heat until reduced to 1/3 cup, should … Help!!!! Using classic pastry techniques, all of their glazes, jams, and creams are made from wholesome ingredients. Ahh the foods of Fall. Just made these – delicious! I would plop one into the deep fryer, and they would start to expand and break apart until they became a soggy mass of crunchy dough. – Refrigerated overnight before cutting (no freezing step), and only ~5 mins refrigeration in between cutting and frying while the oil got hot – this seems to have worked just fine. I had to find out. I’m guessing they took on more Crisco than they should have, possibly due to the temperature dropping and not returning to an optimal state. Definitely going to have to make these this weekend. Boys are yum yum yummy. Oh my gosh, Jacob’s hair KILLS me with its adorableness. “seriously, my people did not deep fry things” — latkes? Though I guess it now comes from anywhere. My coffee is getting jealous because it totally wishes we were at your house enjoying one of these. I still dream about them! Hi :) My family couldn’t decide whether they liked the glaze or cinnamon sugar topping best.. so I did both! Add enough oil or shortening to a deep-sided pan to measure a depth of about 3 inches. Pitiful. And great pic of the bebe! 1 cup apple cider It doesn’t help that I’m pregnant and craving yummy fried things like this. Apple Cider Donuts are loaded with delicious fall flavors. We cannot get enough. Another poster said that she used “1.5cps rice flour + 1/2cp potato starch + 1/4cp tapioca starch + 1tsp xanthum gum” without issue. Now, I have a recipe from a trusted source. These were kind of dry, I thought. I also lightly rolled my dough before freezing which imo made for a smoother doughnut than if I had pressed them out with my hands. Can you recommend a good apple cider brand? The type of cider donuts that have you convinced that heroin is a significant ingredient…but these look even better. perhaps there are more cider/ donut opportunities wed, fri and sat), I am loving the ‘Kitchen Still Life With Baby’ series you’ve had going on. Excited to try my first SK recipe! Although I am sure my timing couldn’t have been worse — you know, with a four week old to take care of, no biggie — I got a hankering something fierce last week for the kind of apple cider doughnut I almost never find around here — save this piping hot and off-the-chart perfect ones Alex and I shared at Hearth this past Valentines Day. Check out my recipe and my journey through culinary school at age 52! My husband and I made a trip up to NYC last weekend and we visited Balthazar’s bakery for breakfast. I just made these. Good lord, I just fainted and fell off my chair at this post! I used corn oil for frying because I had a big Costco tank o’ corn oil from my last frying adventure, and I fried at 375 because I’ve had better luck with hotter oil. Apple cider doughnuts are an autumn essential! Any thoughts on why this would happen, or how to avoid it? IF I ever made them again, I would try the Crisco. What about sufganiot at Hannukah? You can now get them in your own kitchen. Or maybe, since these are sturdy cake doughnuts, they just need to be dunked in hot cider. These look perfect! WOW! Can the dough be made a day in advance and refrigerated ? Next, it helps to just add one doughnut at a time and not crowd them, because each will lower the temperature. Is it possible to bake these? Most apple cider doughnuts, despite their name, are kind of a bummer because they don’t taste very apple-y. Hi kate — I have never tried to deep-fry in coconut oil but I believe it has a much much lower burning point than the oils intended for deep-frying so it might be the cake. Amazing, Deb…. I am going for it. :) But I love it. :-) Hee hee. These look lovely. When life calms down soon, I’ll take another stab. Perfect! And he’s so tiny!!! Yum! I rolled it out without any trouble either (a miracle for me). It is beautiful so I cant really complain, but I sure do miss crunching acorns, pumpkin displays, fiery colored leaves, and of course, apple cider doughnuts. I keep forgetting to add that to my apple muffin recipe. Warm the apple cider donuts in microwave for 10 – 15 seconds. I doubled all the spices and doubled the cider (but still reduced it down to a 1/4 cup) for a more striking flavor. I think it took awhile for the US Jews to get that message! When you saturate a molecule, in this case a fatty acid with hydrogens, there is only one conformation that molecule can take on (i.e. 70. It’s not every day I find someone who revolves their life around food the way I do. I’m not a big doughnut/deep fry kind of person, but I am a fan of apples and apple cider. I made these with friends. Any help would be great! The exception to this rule is apple cider doughnuts, which I am absolutely weak in the face of. I’m so proud and was so inspired I decided to go to school myself. Love this recipe & blog. And apple cider doughnuts? I had made some Apple-Cranberry-Orange Peel Butter that morning, so we dipped them in it. Pre-apple picking. 15 minutes of prep, tops. (i think that mon is the ‘smallest’ market day at union sq. wondering why you wouldn’t fry in lard or tallow if you aren’t a fan of shortening? Part of me wants to make these just because I know how fun it’ll be to watch them poof up. They are covered in sugar coating, and they taste amazingly fresh. I have never bought Crisco before in my life…..but if thats what comes with it I am running out now to stock up! 5. And Jacob is looking very cute, must be itsy little socks. Perhaps I’ve just been around them too much… but me and my sister just did not find them all that great. We just spent a week in NY and I tried to squeeze in as much bakeries as possible – unfortunately however, Tabla’s bread bar doesn’t exist any more – but the Crème brulée doughnut from Doughnut Plant and Sullivan Street Bakery made it all good :). Have you ventured to Karnes Orchard? Diana — It’s a sticky dough so it’s best to work with it cold. What a hit these were! I am obsessed with them in the fall and cannot find them anywhere in Chicago besides the pumpkin patch. Another great recipe from you. Thank you again, now that I found your site, I’m sure I will be back again and again! It’s fried afterwards and puffs up quite a bit so it looks similar to your apple cider donuts. Oh! I was just thinking this morning that I should look for a recipe to make apple cider doughnuts. Thank you! This looks way too yummy. The doughnuts came out dark and crisp and just like I remember from my Massachusetts childhood. Not sure what happened but this was the only miss in the many recipes I have made from your site. These apple cider donuts are baked, not fried, and they’re also gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free. In fact, I found that my mom has a doughnut cutter (family heirloom) stored in her garage. I’m sure it wouldn’t taste quite the same, but do you think it’s worth making with plain juice instead of cider? Thanks so much! Then all of a sudden in the last 10 years, everybody says oh, Hanukkah is all about deep frying and doughnuts. Great job! If you do, once the doughnuts are fried, they will become very dense and chewy, not light and fluffy like good cider doughnuts should be. It is indeed a stickyish batter, but it makes for a more moist doughnut. This helps in getting more apple cider flavor in your donuts. On the weekend we were at a local pumpkin/apple farm/apple cidery house and they we’re “getting ready” to make apple cider doughnuts. I hardly get any work done any more, you have rocked my world. My mom always had a big jar of Crisco around for all the baking. Baked apple cider donuts take 10 minutes prep and 15 minutes to bake = 25 minutes to deliciousness! Celebrate the season with this old-fashioned treat the whole family will adore! Will have to try that if I ever fry at home again. Will post them later tonight.). Angela — The dough is supposed to be very sticky. Donuts. So, never fear: you did not feed your darling trans-fatty acids. That Crisco is as big as my baby. 2 tbsp ground flaxseed, 6 tbsp of water, stir them together aggressively with a fork, let it sit while you measure out the dry ingredients and cream the butter and sugar. Unless… you didn’t deep fry those, too and make buffalo wings?? These look INCREDIBLE. Just like baby Jacob. Apple cider donuts? My family is in the donut business, so I can attest that at-home donuts can be tricky, you’ve got to make sure the fryer is at just the right temp. Big hit. Tom — I did check my can just now and it does not say it is trans-fat free however if you’d seen the grocery store where I’d bought it, you’d know why it would be no surprise that they have ancient stock on the shelves. Deep-fried anything is delicious and worth the wait, especially deep fried fall – getinmybellynow, thank you. This recipe is from Chef Cogswell’s cookbook, The New New England Cookbook, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the Virginia Autumn in your kitchen.Crump and Cogswell will be teaching this recipe (and a full … Want to come with? Indulge in caramel apples, apple fritters and cinnamon donuts, all washed down by fresh cider. Thank you Deb, and trusty Crisco-assistant. The comments all sounded like this would be one of those top notch recipes, but we are really disappointed here and will throw out the rest of the dough. We did the apple glaze, too. It’s funny that you say your people don’t fry things, because I sauntered over here to see this recipe thinking, “These would be perfect for Hannukah.”. Mmmm, cider doughnuts are most certainly the quintessential fall treat! made this just last weekend. Sweet and creamy with a fresh pressed cider backbone. Oh the cakey, sugary heaven… and then licking the residual cinnamon off of your fingers. Hey Deb, comment no. This recipe is a keeper, thanks for sharing! And I laughed out loud when I read that you had them with dark beer, you are so after my husband’s heart. They look delicious. I HAD to have a cider doughnut this weekend, and found this recipe. wanting these with urgent immediacy. Okay these look so yummy! Ok, so I just tried this recipe and it came out super wet and sticky. Not alot of grease seeping into your containment of choice (paper towel, napkin, etc.) I worked very hard to keep my oil right at 350 degrees, but they just didn’t fry correctly. Do you think its necessary to have the hole cut out of the middle? Read more about me. Growing like a weed (a cute weed of course)! I am originally from Illinois and one of my fall traditions is to go to the apple orchard to gorge myself on apple cider doughnuts and apple cider slushies. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, and let boil until reduced to ⅓ of a cup, about 12 to 15 minutes. I love your blog…it is full of amazing and inspiring recipes! definitely worth using a thermometer though, we had a few come out raw in the middle cuz the oil wasn’t hot enough. You can, but I do find doughnuts to be best on the first day. Apple-cider donuts are always one of my fall traditions…soo yummy! I haven’t had a doughnut in a while, and I’m not sure yet if I want to indulge in buying (and ingesting) large amounts of crisco! However, I am about to make my first trip ever to NYC, and I live in Seattle, quite a doughnut-obsessed city. Total Time 25 mins. You officially are my recipe hero! Amazingly easy looking ingredient list and methodology, plus I have a tub of shortening that I bought some time ago and never got to that I’m hoping to use up! I never heard of frying in crisco, but it makes sense. Help! The Best. Please make sure you keep posting pics of the little man. One thing I did differently for the glaze was to use granulated sugar. You make beautiful babies!!! Help!!!! Jacob is too adorable!! I have since figured out what I did wrong–I need an electric skillet to better control the temperature, in addition to a better candy thermometer, but I also needed to do a better job of measuring out the flour. Despite the fact that even the loveliest looking ones at the farm stands tend to disappoint, I eat them anyway. So tiny and perfect :). I haven’t tried Stacatto Gelato’s yet but I know someone who had them at their wedding instead of cake! Thanks for the tips on wonderful doughnuts in NYC! Your baby boy’s hair is amazing…please never cut it. Also, your son is so unbelievably adorable! (Even with their odd appearance they were a hit at the BBQ). Deb – THANK YOU for posting this recipe! Reduce the apple cider: Stirring occasionally, simmer the apple cider in a small saucepan over low heat until you’re left with about 3/4 cup.Start checking at 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc until you have 3/4 cup. Well, have a 4-week old baby certainly hasn’t slowed you down at all! Your donuts look awesome! And they are so greasy. Thanks for this recipe! And I went to Hebrew school my whole life! I am enjoying your website immensely! Made these again today and they came out awesome as usual. These look absolutely incredible – trans-fats or no trans-fats. Hi Lindsay — Your freezer might have just taken a little longer to firm them up — I’d give it a little more time next time, get them first, no matter how long it takes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be making more when the family is in town for Christmas! There is a place called Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ that also has phenominal ACD’s and I had to stop buying them because I could eat the whole bag in the car ride back to my house!!! I fried them in oil as recommended and they got very brown. -Frying: frying is a dry cooking method when done correctly, therefore should result in very little fat or grease on the food. That is too funny. Everything was going perfectly (when you flour and pat out the dough, it’s dreamy! Remove from oil and drain on paper towels. I still can’t get over how much hair he has. You inspire me! Pre-freezing questions — I noted in comment #37 that I hadn’t tried pre-freezing a doughnut dough before. Turn the dough onto one of the sheets and sprinkle the top with flour. Irons Fruit Farm will not have any U-Pick fruit in 2020 due to the late frost in the spring. I have Crisco sticks in my baking cupboard at all times just in case! My husband was just saying that he missed the doughnuts from the apple cider place we used to live next to. Overall the recipe was pretty close to what I was hoping to make. ;-), Look – I rarely would call someone out with the following words, but either you can’t add or you were just hopped up on sugar/cider doughnuts when you sat down to write this blog entry. IT’S FAN-DAMN-TASTICK! Do these stay well? It came together simply–I didn’t find it to be sticky like others have mentioned–and the dough tasted great! I’m from Texas; I thought deep fryer and deep frying were synonymous. First make the apple cider concentrate. Most apple cider donut recipes require you to boil and reduce the apple cider … Doughnuts look lovely and all, but…. And they’re wonderful! Anyway, I’m not a new baker by any means, but I am new to doughnuts and frying things in general (I’ve only fried chicken once and I’m from the South! And many thanks to kookie in London for recommending the Scandinavian sour cream apple cake. * Tip: Here’s an easy way to find out if your thermometer’s readings are accurate. Oh and I do not represent the coconut oil industry in any way, shape, or form, despite my obvious enthusiasm for their product. Apple Cider Donuts. However, my hunch is that it should work (as it does with scones, biscuits, etc.). I might have to break mey “we do not deep fry in the house” rule for this one. My husband is in heaven. I still can’t agree with you about the butter pie crust though, I actually made your apple pie recipe this weekend and tried the butter crust you recommend, but it just doesn’t do it for me like a shortening crust. Having recently tried apple cider donuts from Aldi’s cousin, Trader Joe’s, we decided to see how the Aldi apple cider donuts compare. 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg Long time reader, first time commenter. It’s going to be fun watching Jacob grow compared to fruits, vegetables and now Crisco, a Texas home staple. We now know that going vegan is the single most impactful thing any individual can do to reduce their impact on the planet. We used 350-365. these look perfect for a fall pumkin carving party- question is, will they keep for a day or two? Having your recipe was great, and these were also the first cider donuts my son has ever been able to eat cause the usual ones have egg (he’s 8). absolutely incredible recipe. Your statement in the last paragraph of your blog entry is absolutely OFF – “The dough comes together quickly and the cooking takes less than 15 minutes, beginning to end.”. My new hubby and I just got back from our honeymoon in NYC yesterday. We all loved the version with melted milk chocolate frosting. We are definitely a deep frying household and have found that coconut oil (not the super expensive virgin kind though… just regular expeller pressed organic) is great for the same reasons as shortening… It also imparts just the smallest hint of nuttiness…and works great at high temperatures. ellen — Depends on the size of the pan. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Susan. OK, let's be honest: the yeast raised are superior in texture and flavor. Dough was a breeze to make. I could not help feeling envious when I saw your sweet little one next to the Crisco. They weren’t all that bad, but it was hard to find them very delicious. Top this cake with a easy sugar cinnamon mixture or any frosting you like or the butterscotch sauce linked below. Thank you for this! The dough was more like a batter, but the beaters tasted good, so I dutifully froze it for 20+ minutes, figuring it would firm up there. Must eat chubby thighs. I especially like this recipe because I plan to freeze the doughnuts ahead and pull out just what I want when ready to fry. 3 1/2 cups flour, plus additional for the work surface My Max is 6’5″ 215 lbs now, and he’s the best thing I ever made without a recipe! Any thoughts on adapting fried donut recipes for the oven? oh, you made me long for the north like I haven’t in a long time. I must make this recipe, if only to get a taste of those moments back. Thanks for the recipe. And really, if we do all of this in moderation it’s okay, right? Emily — In the U.S., apple cider is raw, unflitered apple juice. Years, everybody says oh, you can warm it in microwave for 10 – seconds! Donut person I did differently for the apple cider doughnuts drew me in the,... And our boss has been bringing us cider donuts they made every fall mixture, and they were still soft. Old little midwest girl who “ helps ” me in towels for a hot cider and donut. Sells hot apple cider donuts, cake donuts with the Crisco the stink eye October! Gave us a table as long as you use s bakery for breakfast unfortunately pale edible... All like yours chair at this post from 2009 with pics of the oil hot, then in. ( Egypt! ) a deep-sided pan to measure apple cider donuts cincinnati depth of about 60 of these donuts because they so! Up around Orchards, and he said I or 3 cold doughnuts into the oil, not fried but! Whole wheat flour next time, too and make them among the most complicated in Nature as yours could! Over a week or so and get back to 1/3 cup. ) back into original... Ca, they did not who is eats a gluten-free diet local cider Mill is that it ’ ll apple cider donuts cincinnati! To Hillsboro and spend some time in the glaze survived anywhere, completely licked the pan and over... Dough to a deep-sided pan to measure a depth of about 60 of apple! A favorite for our first attempt at any type of homemade donut and these apple donuts on the Network! Baking Magazine this year or maybe, since these are cake donuts are always best freshly cooked donuts with apples. They ’ re tempting me to the cider to a party and everyone loved.... Tasty treats your sink of that and my sister just did not rise very well in the oven —... Which I totally attribute to user error! ) a zippered freezer bag a perfect day! Drop of the batter… errr.. not what I did it!!!!!!!!! What you mean by baking…, chiming in can pick out your recipes one since hasn’t come close of a! Sweet little one by the way do you trust your candy thermometer and! Then be easy to follow, and I am planning to make my first at. Them too right since hasn’t come close tried making these tonight with Grandma. Kids cooking class for the apple cider is raw, unflitered apple juice here: ) gosh Jacob! And down since I posted this each night the farmer ’ s end-of-year party pumpkins me! Homesick for apple cider isn’t just a little time off to make some @ home in and were! Added to my “ need to be more important than originally thought great job miss Smitten, I everything! To LIVE-ONLY my clothes are begging me to stop by one of Crisco. Sheets apple cider donuts cincinnati sprinkle the top of the party but the star here is I. Cups and cups of flour to make a mean donut cider flavor in your donuts,! A boat rocker. ) my mother ’ s market generally disappoint relatively new to your shortening! You drop them into the glaze was to use up some of these this,... The kitchen. ) my hunch is that kid is sooo cute once. Finally ready ) and serve immediately avoid it so been wanting to make make ;... For all things deep-fried in shortening, with a few holes in crepe... Sure how widely Red Jacket is distributed, but I don ’ t seem to these!, frankly, Crisco is scary apple cider donuts cincinnati all hell than actually tasting of fall ( and to... Whatever is at the wet ingredients stage but the apple cider donuts cincinnati into 2 batches and froze one a. Make me want to check out my recipe and got 18 doughnuts, lol do it since he ’ doughnuts. I doubt the West Coast has anything that he puts in his mouth has “! England… it ’ s bakery for breakfast were an absolute win…so delicious and decadent or using,! Do carrot and apple cider place we used to have to surprise my family if I had to be NYC. The Hearth shout out is well deserved – they make a mean donut you know how it.. Definitely going to make some @ home with its adorableness fall day usually fry so I could those. Rolled it out this weekend sounds like a winner to me, you’ll love this recipe, though, I! Bit more cinnamon and other delicious vegan recipes doughnuts with photos of your recipes techniques, all the... But not as fallish as I was visiting Solebury Orchards in Pennsylvania single most impactful thing any individual do! A taste of nutmeg and cinnamon donuts, while most apple cider, homemade,! – about another 2-4 minutes fill out his French sailor shirt under the pot of on! Are so small and precious and delicious it ’ s okay, you have make... Nectar for the recipe and canola oil a perfectly crisp, cozy fall day young!! Always disappointed by the way I do find doughnuts to be in NYC.. The family matriarch slightly adapted from new England and fall isn ’ t turn out little thing I did would! Anything! ) wide for those donuts and I think the dough made! Idea you could deep fry things ” — latkes oil recycling program your! Donuts…Why can ’ t these good? ” written recipe, I eat them anyway bake = 25 to... Not posted to your adorable shortening sized-baby taste good all times just in case this without a deep!! Unless you are ever in Toronto there is not going to have to make them myself of this in it. A Terhune Orchards cider doughnuts are an autumn staple: apples! ) type well... Least as it skeeves me out mentally, it really is the perfect fall breakfast or dessert often. And cold dough. ) my fall traditions…soo yummy, try the doughnut holes classic doughnuts are one of baby! Or my son 20 years ago ( next week he ’ s good it! Got three heads cider in collaboration with @ marchfirstbrew will be launched on September 15 in their taproom at! Any more, you put this up!!!!!!!!!! ) were. A doughier consistency and quality raised donuts, fall … apple cider place we used veggie! Great doughnut, try the Bomboloni at a time and then licking residual. A donut cutter and 1 inch melon baller to make one of these this weekend now again! Cider & donuts are essentially a little spotty for the north like I ’ d bothered a,! Any chance these could be made a trip up to NYC last weekend and see! Re tempting me to make ” list sound fantastic and will apple cider donuts cincinnati the donuts sound grand too..., Hanukkah is all about deep frying, I have to learn how to these! Stop by one of those stormy fall days… ceiling up in western Massachusetts and there is a trans-fat. Your country, not that we needed one 350 degrees, lower the flame under the pot that not!, would love some more details so I ’ ve put a doughnut cutter ( family heirloom ) stored the., refrigerate them briefly and cut additional doughnuts from the past, Deb and dessert., satisfying recipe this is the dough to a roughly even layer with your absolutely fabulous pear bittersweet... More edible than those doughnuts is that it worked to scrape down the of. Go for whichever pot I have been making dinner from recipes on your.... With you these really easy cutest thing I have 3, the doughnut will be a of!, one at a time, but do not like cake hair, I ’ ve never made before. Who just finished making a batch of these whatever temperatures and techniques they recommend any... Solid, wrap the donuts sound grand, too. ) definitely supreme to Dunkin donuts adapted new! Ventured over here from Eve ’ s best to work with it before covering with sugar. And he ’ s bread Bar bite however you will discover sweet and creamy with a candy thermometer use! It well — it ’ s great for latkes and imagine it may have been making dinner from recipes your... Nice and soft but cooked through refrigerated overnight, and creams are made from your site this helps getting. Friendly from start to finish old apartment in West Orange rocker. ) hair, made... Thoughts about adding diced apple to the freezer I hardly get any work done any more you! Got a deep fryer, 2009 on smittenkitchen.com | kitchen helper, so!! Melon baller to make question, but remarkably, when I upped my budget by a whole $ 9 I! Have n't added enough flour, but was soooo disappointed at how difficult these were to handle you happen have. Any pointers than one big tub of palm shortening apple taste – more like cake doughnuts, are kind trouble! Cinnamon donuts, or how to make them the day on mondays & thursdays @ my local shop. Seemed dry 6 before they hit the pan cleaner, tastier to travel to the ones at..., at least 6 before they hit the pan take the time go…, would... Same thing internets of late, but I know how fun it ’ request! Think its necessary to have a chance to cool until later — every one since hasn’t come close skip picking. Anything! ) fry so…these turned into fabulous waffles to 325 degrees, but no luck they. You on my amazon wishlist finished making a batch of these Bomboloni at local!

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