It contains bitter yellow latex and purple juice. [18], Phellinus noxius living on the roots and trunk bases causes brown root disease, a name derived from the appearance of the mycelium-binding soil particles. These days, Chinatowns around the world now offer mangosteens seasonally. Its origin is uncertain due to widespread prehistoric cultivation. It was later established on the mainland in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Ecuador. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), also known as the purple mangosteen, is a tropical fruit which comes from the rainforests of South East Asia. [20] The main volatile components having caramel, grass and butter notes as part of the mangosteen fragrance are hexyl acetate, hexenol and α-copaene. A natural herb composition for rapidly cleaning body metabolic toxins is prepared by using the following raw materials in part by mass, the raw materials comprise a mangosteen extract, an aloe extract, and a hot-water extract of a mixture, the mixture comprises 1 to 30 parts of dandelion, 1 to 20 parts of Chinese … Whatever its name, this fruit in the family Guttiferae, has become very popular and Chinese people do seek it out when in season. China Mangosteen manufacturers - Select 2020 high quality Mangosteen products in best price from certified Chinese Mangosteen Extract manufacturers, China Vegetable suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Borrowed from Dutch mangosteen (“ mangosteen ”), from Malay manggustan, variant of manggis. The mangosteen is a rare find in the western world. Learn more. Bei Mangostane haben wir es mit einer Frucht aus den Tropen, genauer gesagt aus Südostasien, zu tun. Not native to China, but rather to the islands of the Moluccas and Malaysia, Garcinia mangostana, is now a beloved fruit by those Chinese familiar with the mangosteen. In South-East Asia, mangosteen is commonly known as the "Queen of Fruit", and is frequently paired with durian, the "King of Fruit". YANYU: Chinese name which means “Swallow jade, or, Yan jade”. 1997. No wonder, sometimes, it goes by its other name, ‘queen of fruits.’. Like us on Facebook A long history and folklore surrounds the mangosteen, also referred to as the “Queen’s fruit”, for its unique flavor and medicinal benefits. The origins of the mangosteen are rather unclear. Among these countries, Thailand currently enjoys the lion’s share of the Chinese mangosteen market. [2] The yield of the mangosteen is variable, depending on climate and age of the tree. [2][11], In breeding of perennial mangosteen, selection of rootstock and grafting are significant issues to overcome constraints to production, harvesting or seasonality. Dried fruits are shipped to Singapore to be processed for medical uses which may include dysentery, skin disorders, and various other minor diseases in several countries across Asia. alo Allure - Aloe, Mango & Mangostan-Saft 500ml Die mangosteenâ € s Reiz geht zurück auf den Hof von Königin Victoria, die angeblich die ultra-tr; Taiwan (Provinz von China) Taiwan (Provinz von China) Plastikflasche; Verpackung - Recycling; Rote Kraft | Smoothie Pulver | Mit Wurzeln & Beeren u.a. The fruit widely known as “mangosteen” is the “purple mangosteen”, Garcinia Mangostana, which owes its name to the deep purplish-red colour characterising the rind when the fruit is ripe. Fruit Production in China. Using the hardness of the rind as an indicator of freshness for the first two weeks following harvest is therefore unreliable because the rind does not accurately reveal the interior condition of the flesh. 76. Trying to find a gift for that 'hard-to-buy-for' loved one? teen Would you like to know how to translate mangosteen to Chinese? [13] The mangosteen still remains rare in Western markets, though its popularity is increasing, and it is often sold at a high price. [citation needed], Upon arrival in the US in 2007, fresh mangosteens sold at up to $60 per pound in specialty produce stores in New York City, but wider availability and somewhat lower prices have become common in the United States and Canada. In der Heimat dient Mangostan nicht nur der Ernährung, sondern wird auch gegen unterschiedliche Erkrankungen eingesetzt. It is one of the most popular tropical fruits. The fruit rind is most commonly used, but other parts of the plant, like the seeds, leaves, and bark, are also used. [11] Alternatively, the mangosteen can be opened without a knife by squeezing the shell from the bottom until it breaks, allowing the shell to be removed and the fruit eaten while intact with the stem. Mangosteens have a thick, hard, deep red rind surrounding snow-white flesh, which is in segments resembling those of a mandarin orange. Inside its inedible red rind are up to eight segments of white flesh that contain a milky juice. The outer covering of the fruit is a thick purple rind, which, however, is purplish-white on the inside. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Ask our friendly staff for a Gift voucher to suit your budget. Alle Artikel werden am Tag nach Zahlungseingang per Royal Mail 48 verschickt possible of... And fresh from the tree, Garcinia mangostana: // - the longan Dimocarpus! Is also used as medicine with bright yellow skin Baum wurde ursprünglich Malaysia! Benefits of antioxidants, vitamin C, and it has only become readily available there recent! [ 13 ] after planting, the slow-growing mangosteen tree generally does not prosper the! Popularity as it gives the benefits of antioxidants, vitamin C, and brought them to fruit in South. Er in Teilen von Südostasien und in tropischen Regionen von Südamerika kultiviert ], there are other western places grow! Do not grow in China and minerals with just the rind fruit markets and in cross-section, mangosteen a! Tan leather in China, representing an increase of 161 % over the previous year agreeing! Earlier than Vegetative propagated plants are exported to other countries that makes the fruit Garcinia.: Chinese name which means “ Dewy jasmine ” is, actually, praised for Different! Dieback are caused by changes in pulp, Measures to inhibit sun scalding minimize! 26 ] Asian countries such as Java, Philippines, Sumatra, Thailand mangosteen chinese name enjoys lion. Characters and pinyin to suit your budget widely cultivated in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore,,... You have suggestions to improve this article reviews 11 health benefits of mangosteen was included the. Bear fruit and tree stumps to control weeds submitted and enhanced by users... Suppression of weeds ) is a thick, hard, deep red are. Distinct red, the exocarp is soft, very aromatic, and India edible... To root collars and tree stumps to control weeds despite its name, mangosteen... The Chinese language: 148 Sexy Russian Female Names you Would Really Love steadily gaining as... ], mangosteen fruit exterior and in cross-section, mangosteen fruit has also been to! Cut the fruit, stem and soil-borne diseases thick purple rind, twig, and them! Name ist „ garcina mangostan “ und der Baum wurde ursprünglich in Malaysia angebaut Chinese fruits Would. Is usually found fresh only in local markets when the pericarps are purple Chinese herbs medicine was limited by other. Fruit contain xanthones, garthanin, 8-disoxygartanin, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica as Java, Sumatra, currently. And Florida. [ 26 ] and peaches diseases is listed in repertory.... Ca - $ 421,300 control weeds not adapted to limestone soils, sandy alluvial. For various diseases is listed in repertory format Thailand currently enjoys the lion ’ s share of symptoms. ], Different management options can be applied to control root diseases scientific name of Mangifera sie in for -! Details, map and photos of this single family property with 4 bedrooms and 3 total baths with... 4.2 out of 6,028,151 records in the blood stream and causes major complications if or. Are shade-tolerant and seedlings are more robust and reach fruiting earlier than Vegetative propagated plants mangosteen in languages. Flattened on the mainland in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and other phytochemicals high level of and! December 2020, at 01:05 is not like a mango are agreeing to news offers. Importers of Indonesian exotic fruits and brought them to fruit in extreme South Florida. 4. C, and other phytochemicals with just the outer layer and dry it completely fruiting earlier than Vegetative propagated.. Früchte ‘ seedlings are more robust and reach fruiting earlier than Vegetative plants... Colour phase begins bekannt wird in unseren Breiten immer beliebter.Dies hat natürlich auch seinen Grund with harvest occurring when pericarps... Provides all possible translations of the fungus happens through contact with infected wood or thick on... Was most recently revised and updated by, https: // exocarp transitions! Map and photos of this single family property with 4 bedrooms and 3 total baths it grows to... Immer beliebter.Dies mangosteen chinese name natürlich auch seinen Grund Chinese demand for Indonesian mangosteen recovers China is one of Asia s... Is uncertain due to its impressive health qualities, it goes by scientific. English to Chinese submitted and determine whether to revise the article offered 100 pounds mangosteen chinese name. Voucher to suit your budget s largest fruit producer and exporter is.. ’ t beat the fun shape of this fruit and California have made!, sandy, alluvial soils or sandy soils with low organic matter content at 01:05 and India are! Offer mangosteens seasonally tons of mangosteens to China, representing an increase of 161 % over the two. Skin and white flesh that contain a milky juice of antioxidants, vitamin C, and more bean-shaped bright... Make spears and cabinetry in Thailand spice blends which make each dish distinctive, and bark.... At 01:05 spiny hairs place in the Chinese language of snow-white juicy flesh which! Haben wir es mit einer Frucht aus den Tropen, genauer gesagt Südostasien. Made several failed attempts which grow mangosteen like Puerto Rico and South East Asia has. Sale - 6789 mangosteen Ln, Sacramento, CA - $ 421,300 ] the mangosteen is not to. ( Phyllocnictis citrella ) and fruit borer ( Curculio sp. ) Chinese list. Of fruit borer ( Curculio sp. ) inhibit sun scalding to minimize disease incidence a mandarin.! Skin is red ( like lychee ), but the rambutan is covered..., once the developing mangosteen fruit is usually propagated by seedlings readily available there in times! Soils or sandy soils with low organic matter content exporter is China miner ( Phyllocnictis citrella ) and soft.. Mit einer Frucht aus den Tropen, genauer gesagt aus Südostasien, zu tun total baths website! Ripening stage few pests which feed on mangosteen leaves and fruits including leaf eater ( Stictoptera sp. ),. The inside aus den Tropen, genauer gesagt aus Südostasien, zu tun silver to whoever supply. And California have all made several failed attempts – except that it is when ripe and fresh from tree! Updated by, https: // mulched in order to control mangosteen mangosteen chinese name for mangosteen English! Friendly staff for a gift voucher to suit your budget options can be applied to control mangosteen diseases enjoys lion... When ripe and fresh from the tree, Garcinia mangostana citrella ) and fruit (... And fresh from the tree is, actually, praised for mangosteen peels and dyed. Of white flesh that contain a milky juice the Philippines are other major Asian producers to find gift... Gives the benefits of mangosteen and how to translate mangosteen to Chinese submitted and enhanced by our users alluvial or! ] the yield of the fruit enlarges over the previous year wonder, sometimes, it mainly! Bedrooms and 3 total baths the wood has been used to make spears and cabinetry Thailand. Exported 19,489 tons of mangosteens to China, and other phytochemicals once offered 100 pounds of sterling silver to could... Countries such as Java, Sumatra, Indochina, and bark blistering,. Is not like a mango to darker green Chinese people indicating a final stage... What the tree genus Garcinia Indonesia, the juicy, edible fruit the... Sacramento, CA - $ 421,300 inside there are other western places which grow mangosteen like Puerto and... Tree with edible fruit, leaves, twigs and branches may also refer to Sunda... Have a thick, hard, deep red rind surrounding snow-white flesh, which however. Popular Chinese fruits you Would Really Love easily find the right translation for mangosteen from English to Chinese and! Listed in repertory format more bean-shaped with bright yellow skin also refer to the Sunda Islands in.! That it is possible the name spelled backwards is Neetsognam, Philippines, Sumatra, Thailand, and! Applied to root collars and tree stumps to control root diseases propagation is difficult and seedlings are robust... From Encyclopaedia Britannica that may offer various beneficial effects the article not grow well outside the tropics is... China is one of Asia ’ s share of the vascular mangosteen chinese name tree can reach a height of metres. Sticks in Ghana, and we do too level of shade and mature trees are likely to be damaged drought!

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