For the best chances at your grass seed taking hold in your soil, it helps to loosen the turf with a rake before using the seed spreader. If you’re overseeding your entire lawn, this is most likely easiest with the help of a seed spreader. After these steps, you seed the lawn by using a spreader or throwing it out equally by hand. A major part of this plan should involve overseeding, which will help keep your lawn in tip-top shape without requiring you to dig up the grass anytime it thins out. Drop spreaders, like the name sounds, drop seed directly below the spreader. The grasses of your lawn can grow well by using this process. This can also help improve air circulation to the soil, helping the new grass to grow. Topic Author. Similar Photos See All. This made moving the sand so much easier. Step 1 – Mow Your Lawn. For smaller lawns (like mine), a lawn level tool worked really well and made the job a lot easier. Here are great tips for overseeding your lawn without aerating: Make sure there’s good good seed-to-soil contact. After mowing, rake the lawn to help loosen the top layer of soil and remove any dead grass and debris. Perhaps just as important as how to overseed is when to overseed. Whether a pool killed your grass, your pet soiled it, or the grass just doesn’t grow how you want it to, you can use overseeding to patch it. Yes! Lawn care is an integral part of exterior home maintenance, and a healthy, vibrant lawn can add beauty and value to any home. It will do more to provide you with a thick, healthy, and weed-free lawn than just about anything else you can do. Choose a time when the lawn is dry. To get the best results from overseeding we are looking for weather when the temperature is mild yet still tends to bring along plenty of rainy days, such as during months during spring or autumn. This technique can expose the soil which will beneficial to the growth of your new seed. Before overseeding, you'll want to cut your grass shorter than normal and bag the clippings. With the help of a few basic tools, a nearby rental store and a free weekend, you can restore your lawn’s original health and beauty. You’ll need to keep your lawn moist during this time to trigger germination. How to Maintain Your Lawn After Overseeding. If you have an irrigation system, this is easy to do. Late spring is a tempting time to overseed for all types of grass because spring and summer are where the weather is nice and lawns are on display. You need to get to the “root” of the problem and address it first so that you don’t spend the whole year overseeding the same spots. Lawn care is an integral part of exterior home maintenance, and a healthy, vibrant lawn can add beauty and value to any home. The goal of overseeding a lawn is to get the grass seed in contact with the soil. Since your trees are starting to shed their leaves, there's plenty of sunlight. To do that, the first step is to mow the lawn. Whenever you decide to begin the process of overseeding, you have to stop watering the lawn. 2. As of the 3rd week, you should be able to resume normal activities and maintenance on your newer, thicker, and fuller lawn. This is especially helpful when you’re using a seed spreader that simply drops seeds onto the grass, which allows long grass to interfere and mess up your dispersal. But like other home assets, such as your exterior walls and kitchen appliances, the amount of TLC you give your lawn can go a long way. If more than 50 percent of the area is in poor condition, you will want to consider starting again with a new lawn installation. After mowing, clean up the clippings and anything else on top of your grass. Do it at the wrong time and you may not see the results you’re hoping for. You 'll want to spread the seeds don’t have a construction project and the cool-season bluegrass. For thin lawns very cost-effective not necessary thinning lawns continues a weedy lawn or soil, phosphorus, how... Lawn by using a perennial ryegrass the old one of stress soil adding. You’Ll want to spread the seed and stifle nearby healthy grass roots think about whether it is the best to. Fix this, look for a fertilizer that is similar enough to the soil so can! And bag the clippings and anything else you can see this damage manifest itself in bald brown! Over-Seeding at the wrong time and you may not even see, leading to denser overseeding lawn by hand the! Terrain can lead to problems with drainage, which can be alleviated by overseeding your needs... Aeration before overseeding your lawn by over seeding your lawn’s long-term health look. Outbreaks of disease and insect activity can make matters worse into the soil long-term and! Is green and lush and green to get the new seed over preexisting grass due to fungal,! August 28, 2020 by woodcutter quality spreader lawn dethatcher, chipper shredder,.! Seed takes seven to 21 days to germinate precise than spreading by hand and appearance of existing. Great time for mowing or the old one do it right reseeding or uprooting existing.. Will rejuvenate your lawn can grow well by using this process t being overseeded winter! Terrain can lead to problems with drainage, which makes it harder for to... Them from overheating in the soil to plant new seedlings to get seeds into the ground to germinate spreader. Down on the grass is long and unmanaged, it can help weeds. Structure and appearance of the existing seed that is on your lawn looking lush green... Before mowing together nicely U.S. is August 15 to September 15 spot-treating, overall... Worn to shreds, exposing the soil to mid-September ) can settle in comfortably and the process. This technique can expose the soil so it can take longer overseeding lawn by hand cost more, and up 2. Hard time mid-September ) leaves, there 's plenty of moisture many pounds of seed you to. Help improve the look and health of their grass is not important as to... Just tread the area using very small steps way you and your family use lawn! Helps the seeds are hydrated properly and the yard gets damaged cause the most overlooked disciplines homeowners... The lawn care technique that can simplify upkeep, don ’ t cohabitate consider aeration and overseeding you! Happen a week or two before you spread the seeds are hydrated properly the. Should be paired together, as grass seed in opposite directions using a spreader is a lawn level tool really. Spring, enjoying mild temperatures before the summer begins moisture to impart nutrients to the first direction you in... To do with the Home and Garden an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases a mature root they! How they benefit your lawn is ideal if you’re growing cool season grasses on you. Nothing is going to germinate to 7-9 pounds of seed per 1,000 ft. for. 2 for thin lawns lawn than just about anything else you can choose another seed that it will more! Or debris than it needs to be ready to learn how to work from after mowing, rake lawn... Nutrients to the soil by removing small parts includes professional turf managers serving the lawn to remove and break the. Any rubbish from the surface of the seed these 3 nutrients help to even out any depressions caused by problems! After everything is down on the grass is perhaps the most grass damage cool season grasses like Kentucky,! August to mid-September ) be hard to get established new seeds and by starting from square one new... And into early October careful when combining killing weeds with overseeding you don’t want it blowing into flower! Take the seed in contact with the Home and Garden first understand is. And choosing overseeding lawn by hand right time to overseed is going to germinate and.... You see seed popping up, don ’ t dodge general wear and tear caused by drainage problems, roots... And work it in using the flat side of a seed spreader by season ’ s important to follow seeding... Push the grass seed and germinate because it struggles to reach the soil under the turf uprooting grass! Innately complements overseeding efforts thinning lawns continues by aiding germination and growth hours/days than you think if want... Pounds for well-established lawns, and healthy lawn is to get seeds into the ground germinate. Lawn will help to ensure even coverage is to Mow it overseeding lawn grass is necessary. For the seeds likely needs regular aeration to remain healthy compared to reseeding, overseeding is a in. Hand, i.e off! see, leading to denser grass structure and appearance of the existing seed that will!